Monday, March 19, 2012

Magnetizing the Contemptor: Fast and Dirty

As soon as I saw the Contemptor kit, I knew it would be a cinch to magnetize.
Let me say right up front that I wasn't aiming to have a completely pose-able "action figure".  I am a gamer first.  All I really wanted was to be able to swap out weapons quickly and simply.  I started out by gluing a pair of 1/32 inch magnets into the upper arm slots at the elbow joint.  I shaved down the cowling just a hair to better fit them.

The next step was just as simple.  I glued another 1/32 inch magnet to the top of each elbow joint.  One of the things I love about this kit is the symmetry the weapon arms have.  With careful assembly, even the close combat arms can easily be posed on either side of the model.

Another thing about this system that I absolutely love is the fact that I can buy additional weapon arms at any time, apply the same magnets, and have a completely new model.  In fact, I did just that!  I am one additional Assault Cannon and a Cyclone launcher away from fielding the Mortis Pattern Contemptor variant.  A simple and shallow hole drilled into the top of the sarcophagus and the Cyclone is also modular.

Stay tuned for pictures of my finished Star Phantom Contemptor with an article discussing the tactical value of the Mortis Pattern.


  1. Looks like a nice quick way to swap out weapons. Great job! But I am not sure on the size of the magnets you used. They look a lot bigger then 1/32 inch.

  2. They are 1/32 inches thick and a little over 1/4 across.