Friday, February 10, 2012

Fantasy Friday: From the forests of the North!

I have to piggyback a little on Cerberus' post. I've been working on my fantasy army as well. I painted a test Gor model and my beastlord, and magnetized the entire army. I have to say I'm really liking the look of the models as a whole.

First up is the test gor model. I dipped him, so he might need a little more dullcote. I started with Army Painter human flesh primer color then basecoated all his details. This should make it easy to pump out tons of gors pretty quickly.

The beastlord is the leader of an army, so he needed a huge axe. He also has a tzeentch shield and coloring on his axe. I figure since the beastmen really aren't all that powerful in the Chaos gods' minds that only a certain few will be 'marked'. I chose Tzeentch for this army because I really haven't had an army with blue in it yet.
I added skulls to his base and his weapon and shield. These are Secret Weapon Miniatures skulls. I also gave him a blue loincloth.
I think the dip came out pretty well. Beastmen are basically covered in feces, flies, and fur. The brown dip shows that pretty well. I do have to dullcote him again, I think. I really like his shield - it is a Tzeentch icon from 40k.
I managed to pick up some Gale Force 9 magnetized bases for all of my models out of the bits bin at Gamers Sanctuary. This was a really good deal. Even without the deal, however, I still would have based all the beasts like this. It just works so well as opposed to the method I was using before - putting a rare earth magnet on each base. The bases would fly across the room and smash together and fall off - sometimes even breaking the model!
After that, I put metal sheets in each base. I wasn't looking forward to this as I thought they'd be sharp all the time, but K & S produces some sheets that are easily cut with scissors. They even come in 4x10 sheets which are the perfect size for horde movement trays. I was able to find these at Hobby Lobby for about $1.50 per sheet. It is possible to use rubberized magnet sheets, but I found these to be too weak.

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