Friday, February 17, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Dark Elf Hobby Update

I had some time this week to devote to Warhammer Fantasy hobby and got started on the unit of Dark Elf Cold One Knights. I have been running a block of 10 (5x2) in some games and they have performed well enough to be in almost every list I run now over 2000 pts.

I never really played 7th edition (one game doesn't count), but I get the feeling that cavalry got hit with a bit of a nerf going to 8th edition. It sounds like chariots are probably a more competitive choice. However, I love the details on these guys and they hit really hard on the charge.
I managed to get four done out of the 10. So I guess I these can be my four horsemen lizard-riders of the apocalypse. Next up, I plan to get the details done on my banners. My first attempt at printing banners on transfer paper didn't work out so well. Actually, they printed fine, just didn't transfer very well. I hope to get the rest of this unit finished soon and then move on to my blackguard and witch elves next.