Friday, February 3, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Bringing the Pain

As Mike has stated in a prior post, some of our group have recently started Warhammer Fantasy armies. I have had my Dark Elves for over a year, but I am now just getting some real painting started on them. So far, I am still experiencing "new model syndrome". It is nice to take a break from the 40k and Warmachine painting grind and start something new.

Mike and I have a pickup game planned for this weekend. I will be trying out my Dark Elves against his new Beastmen army. I have never played against Beastmen, so I am looking forward to crying "cheese" the first time he pulls out some crazy rule I don't know. Mike has played against my Dark Elves a few times with his Tomb Kings, so he knows what I am bringing. Or does he? I have added a new weapon to my army and am going to use it for the first time. I picked up the "Cauldron of Blood" and got it painted up this week. These "ladies" are here for a blood donation and they aren't bringing juice and cookies.

I did a conversion for the death hag (no relation to my ex-wife) and made it so she is carrying my army's BSB. It is probably my best green stuff job to date. I cut off the blood cup and replaced it with a banner full of Dark Elf bits. I printed up a Dark Elf banner decal on a sheet of Testors decal paper, but I wanted it to dry overnight before trying to apply the transfer.It is a cool option for Dark Elves to hide their BSB in toughness 10 warmachine crew.

Painting the fun models is... well fun. However, I have not forgotten about getting some core models painted. It is a bit of a grind, but it didn't take too long thanks to some nice base coat primer I picked up. I still have a ways to go get my spear men done, but at least my Sorceress has a nice bunker of troops to protect her now. I still need to go through the army and get the bases flocked.

Next up, my Dreadlord really likes dragons. He wants to ride a dragon while he has a miniature dragon on his shoulder. I really want to get started on the resin dragon model I picked up from Gamer's Sanctuary's used mini cabinet. This model is from Ultraforge and is probably the coolest looking mini in the history of forever. I hope I my paint job will do it justice.


  1. I'm looking forward to getting some fantasy in soon. I have my Cold Ones, Kroq Gar, and the Stegadon assembled. The rest will get done soon. I also completely agree with you on the "new model syndrome". I am more excited about painting my Lizardmen than my Marines (or, god forbid, my Harlequins).

  2. Those look awesome! Can't wait to play. Beastmen don't seem to have a lot of tricks :)

  3. Great looking pieces! I'm looking forward to the battle report and some great photos!

  4. Really hoping to see you guys at next months Gamers Sanctuary Adepticon Primer! I really like the simple BSB conversion.

  5. Also if you guys ever wanted to get some friendly games in on a Saturday against the Skaven or Ogres, shoot me a message or something. I'd be willing to drive up to GS.

  6. I think I'm free on March 4th. I'll see what I can do. I don't have anything painted =/