Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Big Game - Post Battle Photos

We fielded about 60,000 points between both teams. Imperials won 20-1 (objectives are scored during each players turn). It was much closer than the objective points show, though. The xenos players took a huge risk in reserving their entire army at the beginning.

Overall, it was a TON of fun. So many things died... my TL autocannon dread knocked down two flyers! My titan died in a hail of railgun fire. The thunderhawk went down like a baby to a few Eldar flyer shots. Three land raiders raced up the middle and unloaded terminators into the Eldar line. Tyranid monstrosities rampaged through marines...

Please forgive all the unpainted Mantis Warriors. I have about 1/4 of my points painted so far. Bill's Salamanders are 99% painted.

I will say I greatly enjoyed this battle because of the huge field. I think sometimes when I read about military campaigns I imagine these huge battles where thousands of men were moved around, flanks turned, etc. It is nearly impossible to do that in a regular 40k game because troops are so fast and the field so small. In this game I genuinely felt the pressure of holding the left flank and hoping my men didn't collapse. The chapter banner definitely helped in keeping them in the battle!

Click to embiggen:
Turn 1 lineup. Xenos forces reserved their entire army. Salamanders (about 7,000 points) were held in reserve. Mantis Warriors were to prove their loyalty to the emperor!
The center of our line. To the right of the Mantis Warriors the Space Lions, a very elite force, planned to break the enemy line.

Space Lion tanks
The Mantis Warriors move up on the first turn to capture an objective. The Stormraven held the Contemptor and a vanguard vets.
Drop pods drop to the planet and begin to hold key tactical points. Predators move up to hold the midfield.
Salamander drop pods drop down in front of Space Lion tanks.
The Fortress of Redemption is held by the Grey Knights, including a warhound titan.
More midfield shots.
In the bottom of turn 2 the enemy took to the field. The tyranids were being held in bondage by tau wiles.
The eldar also brought a small force onto the board to enable the rest to come through a warpgate.
Tau Tiger Shark!! Huge!!
Tau flyer gives my Stormraven an eskimo kiss. Spent all week painting the raven and it didn't fire a shot, lol.
The thunderhawk came in on turn 3 and started shooting. It was my job to hold the left flank at all costs. Four tyranid hierodules, four flyers, and numerous rail guns pointed at my troops.
Right flank of the imperial forces. The grey knights were unengaged for much of the beginning of the battle but would soon prove their mettle. The Space Lion commander had to be physically restrained by the other Space Marine commanders, such was his vigor for the fight
The warhound titan Impetus Maero held the center.
Whole battlefield shot!
The stormraven used to be here. Lelith landed and killed a ton of dudes
The day is getting long and the Tau decide to make their move.

The two land raiders survived the day! We entered the battle with five and lost one just barely at the end.


  1. It was fun to see everyone's entire collections getting played. Reserving everything on Team Xenos was a bad idea, but it was intimidating seeing wall to wall marines across the board.

    1. I think I got too excited to shoot stuff and probably should've pushed out more with my Eldar. That said there wasn't anywhere really to go without running into a land raider loaded with Termies.

    2. Night-fight, constant lightning strikes and 50+ Scarabs from the missing Necron commander might have helped...

      Sorry I missed out on the mayhem!