Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in Review Day 3 - Dustin: My Dawn of War

At the turn of the century, while in pursuing my BBA at UofM, I picked up the 40k Space Marine/Dark Eldar starter from 3rd edition. All of the models were assembled and a few games were played.

However, with a full time job and a full load at school, I just didn't have the time (or money) to pursue the hobby. Instead, I lived my tabletop ambitions vicariously primarily through video games and books.

Enter August 2010. Over 10 years out of school, well into a career, married with child, homeowner... and just enough free time and money to get back into 40k. I never gave it much thought though; I had no one to play with. Then I stumbled in Gamers Sanctuary in Flint on day, completely on accident, thinking it was a video reseller.

I met Brian at forums, started participating in a local campaign with my Marines, and then it went from there.

Earlier this year, I started my second army: Chaos Daemons. It provided for a much different playstyle than Marines and brought a previously unplayed codex to my LGS.

Now with my Daemons and Marines fully painted (although not very competitive, by any means), I am thinking about my next step... which will probably be Warhammer Fantasy. Some of the guys around the shop are getting into it and I like the looks of Skaven.

However, the new Vampire Counts codex is on the way and this is one of the finest models I've ever seen come out of GW...

I also dabbled in a few other games this year with varying degrees of success...

Warmachine was fun, but I just couldn't get into the fluff or the overly competitive vibe of the game. So, my half-painted Menoth army was banished away through Bartertown this last summer.

I also have some Necromunda Escher and Battletech Mechs in my possession, but they remain unassembled. They will hopefully be used in 2012 though! I also want to look into Mantic's Warpath and Pulp City in 2012. I wouldn't mind finishing the Deathwatch campaign we started earlier this year. (We all bit off more than we could chew lol.)

We'll see what I actually get to this coming year. My current obsession is Risk Legacy.

Best. Board game. Ever.

Between this, 40k commitments, family issues, and an attention demanding daughter, who knows. If nothing else, I will play WHB this year :)

My daughter is taking commissions too, by the way.

Thanks to all the guys at FC40k! They've been great new friends, which can be hard to make when you get into your 30s. I appreciate their patience and support as I got back into tabletop gaming and am looking forward to more next year.

In the meantime, come on down to GS anytime if you want to beat on some Daemons or Marines. See you in 2012!


  1. Your comments about Risk Legacy has piqued my interest. I could stare at that VC model for hours, so sweet looking... It will be a pain to transport though.

  2. Let's get five of us to go in on a fresh box of Legacy Risk that we can customize together. Who's in?

  3. OK we need an article about Risk Legacy pronto. Why do you need to customize things? ARTICLE

  4. In Risk Legacy, you write on the board with permanent marker, modify cards with stickers, and destroy gaming components at key moment. You name continents and found cities.

    My Risk group is playing game 15 tonite, the final game where the world is named by the player that won the most games. Im tied for the lead with four victories.

    Ill take pictures and post something on our experience this weekend.

  5. I'm sorry I'll have to miss out on the fun!