Monday, September 24, 2018

Playing in a Kill Team Campaign

We've recently started our Kill Team campaign at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI (still time to join if you like!) and while the overall campaign is relatively simple, I think there are a few tools and rules that cane help make things a little easier to understand.

Creating Your Kill Team

The easiest way I've found to create my kill team is using Battlescribe. I've used Battlescribe forever on both my PC and phone. The volunteers lovingly wrote catalogs for each Kill Team faction so that you can create not only matched play kill teams, but also combat rosters.

First make sure you have the Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team data downloaded to your phone or PC. If it isn't showing in your data list, click Add Data and put it in there.

The first thing I did for our campaign was create my first matched play Kill Team of 100 points.

Go into Battlescribe, click New Roster, then select Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team in the Game System dropdown. Then give your team a name, and set the limit to 100 points. Then Add a Kill Team to your roster using the Add button and hit OK.

Now you'll see your force selections on the screen. The first thing to do here is select 'list configuration'. I chose to do Matched Play Kill Team first and just make the Kill Team I wanted to use for my first game. The roster can be done after.

Next we start adding in each fighter we want on our team. Choose one leader and three specialists. 

Make sure to choose the options for each fighter. You can only have one of each specialty in a kill team.

Once you've built your list, you can click View Roster and see each fighter and what rules they have. You can name your fighters in the list organization if you have purchased a license (I believe it is $1.99 per year).

After you've saved your roster, go to this site and click through the prompts to get to the Kill Team output page. Click Choose File and find your roster file (mine is in my Dropbox folder). Then click 'Pres' and a PDF will be generated.

Now you have your command roster and data cards for your first game. Print and cut them out so you can get ready!

After you've created your first Kill Team, then I suggest going in and creating your first Command Roster for the campaign. The first one can have 12 models on it. Instead of choosing Matched Play Kill Team, choose Campaign Command Roster as your list configuration. This is really powerful and even lets you keep track of your resources. You could open that on your phone after a game and change your resource values.

The last bit that I wanted to share today is a link on how campaigns work. The campaign wording is oddly written, and I feel easily confusing. This link will give you a better idea how to progress after your first game.

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