Monday, March 19, 2018

The Road to AdeptiCon 2018 - Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's been a fast few months. The holidays really hammered my hobby progress for AdeptiCon, and I had a major event change in February, so I've really been cramming in a lot the last few weeks. I have had my Shadespire guys finished for a while. I'm also bringing my Skorne for Company of Iron, but those have been finished for years.

I ended up with ~60 infantry models, five walkers, and four vehicles painted. Some of them aren't shown here but will be used another day. My cult is called The Saviors.

Here you can see the army as a whole. I've also painted a statue piece - the cultists have taken down a set of primaris marine statues and they're erecting a purestrain genestealer statue. You can also so the mine entrance from which the cultists have exited.

I painted thirty acolytes with three of each type of special heavy weapon. Each squad has a cult icon and a leader with a lash whip and bone sword. I ended up giving some squads purple icons just to give it a bit of a different look. I also painted six aberrants - sweet models that are unfortunately only available in the Deathwatch Overkill box set.

I finished two scout sentinels with heavy flamers, two armored sentinels with lascannons, and one sentinel powerlifter. I actually was planning to go to AdeptiCon with the scout heavy flamers, but they just haven't been doing what I wanted. So instead I painted the lascannon sentinels in the last few weeks and they're going to work great!

I finished two Leman Russ tanks and chose to bring my plasma executioner tank as a command tank. I really like the Hellhound model and it has worked well. My Rockgrinder is actually going to be using a clearance incinerator instead of the seismic cannon. I just haven't had much luck with that.

Here you can see my neophytes, which are basically guardsmen. They're armed with shotguns and autoguns, one squad has webbers and one has grenade launchers. They're really there for holding objectives.

Here are the leaders of the cult and the purestrain statue being erected. I have two magi (one GW model and one hybrid model from another manufacturer) and a primus. The statues are primaris marines that have been knocked over and a purestrain genestealer (54mm Inquisitor model). The two civilians, one an artist and one a laborer, are from Reaper with GSC heads.

I'll follow with some action shots. Here you can see Pontiff Novius taking down Typhus. She also killed a cadre fireblade in the next game.

The vehicles stand out against most tabletops because they're so bright. I really like how the red dust turned out on the sides of the vehicles as well.

The infantry also pops really well with the turquoise color. Overall I'm very happy with how everything has turned out and I can't wait to get some games in. AdeptiCon has once again served as a great way to finish an army!

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