Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Tale of Four Warlords: Blood Angels for 8th Edition

I finally got a chance to play some Warhammer 40k 8th edition. So far I have played a total of three games and I have enjoyed each one. I decided to start out in the new edition with my Blood Angels. I primarily played my Tau almost exclusively in 7th edition in friendly games and local tournaments. I almost considered selling my Blood Angels but its hard when you have all the models setup in a nice display case. Anyway, I bought in with the Primaris Marine portion of the new Dark Imperium box set. This was actually the first time I have ever bought a 40k starter set.

The updated fluff for the Blood Angels has them almost wiped out of existence. The last stand on Baal against the Tyranids was almost a lost cause if not for Roboute Guilliman showing up to save the day.  While I would have preferred a more heroic Blood Angels centered come back, the fluff nicely set up the need to "reinforce" my army with the new Primaris models.

Meanwhile on Baal...
The starter set models were simple to assemble thanks to the easy to follow instructions. Almost all of the individual marine bits were really close together on their respective sprues.

Priming the Primaris Marines
I decided against adding additional Blood Angels bling bitz to the new Primaris marines and built them stock.  Honestly, I am still working on painting the last Blood Angels tactical marine box since each model has lots of little details to finish.

Aribrushing base coat layers
I did some layering with the airbrush to get the models base coated. I mostly used GW Mephiston Red followed by Minitaire Brown Ghost Tint for the shadows.  I then did a top down airbrush layer with a mix of Mephiston Red and PP Khador Red Highlight.  I then dry brushed with the Khador Red highlight but the armor started looking a bit too orange.   So i went back and dry brushed again with Mephiston red.   Overall, the base coating came out great.   Now on to the detailing.

My first 8th edition game - 75PL list
As I mentioned I did get to play three games so far.  Two of the games were 75PL Maelstrom games and one was a 1500 pt Eternal War mission. I tweaked the list but stuck with a single Battalion detachment each game.

I tried to take a balanced list with a good mix of mobility, firepower, and close combat support

So far the Storm Raven is the clear winner in the army list. I still remember when it was exclusively a Blood Angels thing before it was available to all the marine chapters.

So far I really have enjoyed the new rules. It definitely feels like a whole new game and I have enjoyed experimenting with different units again.   Thanks for reading!

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