Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Road to AdeptiCon 2017

AdeptiCon is rapidly approaching, and with that of course comes painting deadlines. Every year I decide to paint something new for the convention so I can use it and every year I’m finishing and dullcoting models in the hotel room.
My schedule this year is as follows:


1 pm – Legends of the Old West

8 pm – Dark Age – Assault on the Convoy


9 am – SAGA Melee Doubles

7 pm – Sharp Practice French and Indian War


9 am – Frostgrave campaign day

8 pm – Dark Age – Doom of the Kukulkani



I had initially signed up for the Bolt Action National GT, but I have been dragging my feet on painting the list I wanted to do for that and when I saw the Frostgrave day (with the author of the game, Joe McCullough, who we’ve interviewed here) I really wanted to get in on that.

It isn’t an indication of my love for BA or the GT – they do a great job. They have mentioned that maybe next year it’ll be a one day thing, which I would fully support. I like to do something new and different every year at AdeptiCon and so if they do one day it’ll allow me to do different things every other day.

The Legends of the Old West and Dark Age games are participation games, so the only real models I must finish are for Sharp Practice and Frostgrave. All my stuff is done for SAGA, but I may paint a Floki model. I really would like to get some DA models done for some open gaming at night or on Sunday.

My dudes and ladies from last year for SAGA
For Sharp Practice, I’m charged with painting 24 provincial soldiers (from Virginia), and an officer. I’m also painting a flag bearer and likely a second officer just in case. I chose models from Galloping Major. These models are beautiful – tons of detail, great sculpting, and some different poses. They are huge, so they don’t really fit with my Eureka provincials which are also great models. I have started doing the blue on their uniforms. 

This is what they'd look like from the uniform guides. 

I am currently working on my deployment point as well. It is a set of civilians eating a picnic near the battlefield, and a native american is going to be lurking behind a hedge waiting to get them.

The civilians are on bases now but will be glued to this base after painting

I also need to paint this Jesuit missionary. He’s part of the mission for Sharp Practice. He is made by AW Miniatures from a recent Kickstarter

In addition to that, I’m also going to paint 12 native Americans and a leader for them. This is just in case people show up without having done their painting or we need a replacement. These are mostly Conquest Miniatures which are now sold by Warlord Games. They’re less beefy than the Galloping Major models but I like them a lot. I also included Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook from Last of the Mohicans. I have a Magua model somewhere but I don’t believe I included it.

After that, I’m going to paint up my Frostgrave models. Here is where I need to do some choice – I only need eight or nine models, so I can remove some of the extras. I am using plastic cultists and soldiers from the Frostgrave line made by Northstar Miniatures and the pewter animals and wizard also from Northstar. They’re pretty models, with tons of character and great sculpting.

After that, I really don’t need to finish anything, but I’d like to get my Dark Age 500 points painted. This is mostly Mongo + animals, so it shouldn’t take too long, however I want them to look good. If I must rush I may just forego painting them so I can do them after AdeptiCon.

I would also like to get these British infantry done for our Sharp Practice game, but they’re absolutely the last thing to paint. Again, this is in case someone shows up without anything or we need a replacement. These are from the recent Kickstarter again by Galloping Major, and they’re beautiful. I have an officer, drummer, and flag bearer as well. 

I’ve prioritized the next 40 days pretty tightly – I’ll be updating my progress as I finish things! Thanks for reading.

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