Thursday, April 14, 2016

Post Adepticon Update - Back on the Hobby Horse

Hey all, long time no post! Adepticon was a lot of fun and gave me the much needed inspiration to get back on the hobby horse. Well, not literally, but I was motivated to paint some models before the big weekend. The events themselves were fun and seeing all the painted armies reminded me why I enjoy these games again. Adepticon photo dump incoming...

So we had quite the club showing again this year at Adepticon.  However, our club is becoming fractured diversified in our games of choice so everyone pretty much did their own thing.

I stuck with tradition this year and played Necromunda by Night as my kick off event. I thought I was pretty organized this year but realized I forgot my gang minis (oops!). Fortunately the TO let me borrow an Escher gang to play. I ended up 2-2 (common theme for the weekend). Necromunda is definitely feeling long in the tooth these days. The missions and campaign structure are still cool but the game desperately needs an update at this point.

Speaking of tradition, I did play in a WH40k tournament. I brought just enough Tau with me to play in the 400 pt Combat Patrol tourney. I played four rounds against four different varieties of marine bike lists.

Tau Combat Patrol and some Red Stag Whiskey for the Greater Good
I painted the new Tau missile turret for my Combat Patrol list
I ended 2-2 and realized that even at this point level there are some unpleasant realities. Marine bikes with re-rollable 3+ jink saves AND 4+ FNP are a tough nut to crack with the limited FOC for the event.

I took a master painting class with Angel Giraldez (and a Spanish to English translator) on how to do Non-Metallic Metals. It was very informative but I'm not sure I can take the necessary time to do a whole army with this technique.  We each worked on a mini for two hours with multiple layering and shading steps. My mini came out OK I think compared to demo version.

My work in progress from the class on the right
Pre Acon painting: civilian HVT model to have for my Infinity list
The next event ended up being the highlight of the convention for me.  I played in an Infinity showdown tournament. It was very casual and had lots of new/returning players. I played two games and the second game was on this really awesome table made by the Warsenal guys.

It was so cinematic and fun. Probably the most fun I've had playing Infinity. This game had so many twists and turns and featured a lot of crazy rule interactions

We were playing a mission called Decapitation which required us to reveal our hidden Lieutenants and basically try and kill your opponents Lt. I was ahead on points the whole game until my opponent's final move.  Very fun game and friendly opponent. We were both laughing the whole game and at the crazy outcome.

Saturday was pretty much dedicated to Warmahordes.  I played some more Iron Arena games as well as playing in the Senior Pro Tour tournament again this year. I had a lot of fun last year but this time was more "serious business" types instead of the casual-competitive crowd.

Display board , 1%-er dice tray, and expensive Whiskey

I did well in Iron Arena going 3-0, the actual tournament... not so well
I ended up 1-2 on the day and was pretty disappointed.  I had brought a pretty competitive list pairing and had high hopes for chance at one of the new Adepticon fancy metal cast trophies. It still is a fun event and I will try again next year.

Pre Acon painting: Bloodweaver Night Witch Solo

Pre Acon painting:Tharn Bloodpack
My last event was a Star Wars Imperial Assault tournament on Sunday. I wasn't sure what to expect but my list performed OK.  I went 2-2 (of course) but both loses were by the slimmest of margins. It's a fun game but there needs to be some sort of enforced turn timer going as there was a lot of slow play.

Stormtroopers blasting a door while my Rebel troops wait "in-position"
One opponent went with Red Arm C3PO, mine is the classic version 
Pre Acon painting - Echo Base Troopers

Pre Acon painting - Alliance Smuggler

Adepticon was a lot of fun and I got to play a lot of different games.  I was hoping to come away with some trophies but what I did get was an extended weekend of competitive fun gaming (win!).

Thanks for reading!

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