Monday, May 12, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing - Organized Play Month at Gamer's Sanctuary

The Star Trek Attack Wing organized play event kicks off tonight at Gamer's Sanctuary.   I will be running the Dominion War month one scenario pack which includes participation awards and event prizes.    This is from the organized play events that WizKids started last year.   The mission rules can be found here.   I am hoping for a decent turnout and interest in building the community for this great game.   

I did get a chance to play in the event last year and really enjoyed the participation awards and event prizes.   The missions and additional rules are challenging and tie in to the fluff from the Dominion War.


Gamer's Sanctuary has dedicated Monday's for Xwing and ST:AW night and there have been a few people showing up.    I personally play and enjoy both games but favor the Star Trek version for the added variety.

I played Klingons exclusively in the event last year.   However, I just recently got a chance to get my ships repainted.    Much like my Federation repaints, I am happy with how these came out.

I stuck with a pretty simple paint scheme but did my best to match images I found online.

I plan on playing my Dominon ships more for this event but I made some 100 point lists for each faction for new players to just play if they don't want to list build.

I like this Klingon list overall and for the scenario to try and capture Deep Space 9.    The original event only had the four starting factions at the time.   However, the Borg have been released recently and the forums are all up in arms over the power of the new Sphere ship.

Hopefully the Borg don't unbalance the game too much.   They certainly were powerful in the show/movies.

There is a nice Federation counter that just came out as well.   I picked up the Voyager and I suspect this ship will replace many Galaxy Glass ships in most Federation lists.   I did a quick repaint on this ship as well.

I hope to see some of the Xwing people give this game a try.    May you live long and the Force be with you!

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