Monday, March 17, 2014

X-Wing TMG: "Why did I turn that way?"

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I was always a Star Wars kid. I was recently retelling a story of my middle school self, sitting there in band class, getting a lunch detention for the best reason. My teacher wandered over late in the class period to discover I was not staring at sheet music on my music stand; and it was in fact a Star Wars schematic book I had gotten for the holidays. Truthfully, no one notices what the baritone plays. Let this be a lesson.

So naturally after seeing the online hype and tournament viability for X-Wing TMG, I decided to jump in!

I picked up a used lot which gave me much more than I knew what to do with (Thanks Brad!). Due to my own personal interest, I just HAD to pickup a few more ships even though I didn't know what I was doing. Reminds me of the comic that is making the rounds, "this is just a casual game!"  *cough* living room full of ships.

This game seems like an easy bridge to other miniature games.  The mechanics of this game have you build an army (squad), with different stats, abilities, and upgrades. Combat uses the custom dice and simply counts a number of hits against a number of dodges rolled. If this sounds too simple, keep in mind there are abilities, actions, and range modifiers that really swing your chances. The trademark phase of the game is movement. Using dials to secretly lock-in your move tests your space-piloting skills. In my limited experience, the moment where you reveal your move gets the most cheering, groaning, or swearing. X-Wing road rage is a thing. The struggle is real.

His action is pretty forfeit.

The list building aspect has been a daunting task. Unless you are copying lists online for a dogfight, it was overwhelming to me as a newb. Perhaps though, this is my fault having too many unorganized upgrade cards! The movement and action phase can be a little sluggish if you are constantly looking up your pilot skill. It helps to write out the full turn order for everyone's ships for a given game session.

Ugh Mom, can you open the garage door

So my true confession - for some reason I adore the Lambda-Class Shuttle. That folding tri-wing design is just neat. In it's boxed set, came a mission starring  the SmartBus of the Empire himself! I roped in my friend +Elmer to try this baby out. The mission involved picking up people on their way to work, I mean, rescuing people from disabled ships. The rebels of course are out there trying to pummel you.

Pardon the vast wood expanse of galaxy Ikea-Table. There are a ton of great space mat options nowadays, and some cheap DIY options too.

Our game went pretty one sided, but it was really eventful for the both of us. We had Darth Vader in a TIE Advanced and Luke in a X-Wing, and they talked trash a lot. Vader rescued 4 people and took them to work off the board. Very non-Vader. My beloved shuttle is kind of a tank character, taking target locks or stress tokens for your friendly ships.

On the horizon for X-Wing TMG is Imperial Aces, and also a huge capital ship! I'm excited to see each expansion bring new rules, ship classes, upgrades, and missions. My focus on this game is story-driven missions, but the option for an easy move to tournament play is a very big plus. Across the spectrum in Michigan gaming groups, I see X-Wing tournaments as well as narrative campaigns popping up.

One secret wish of heresy - FFG should take their license for 40K, apply this rule set template. Battle Fleet Gothic plus modern 6th edition flyers! Personally, yes please.


  1. While writing this article, a guest writer for FFG posted in defense of my beloved!

  2. Xwing is a lot of fun though I think it would benefit with the addition of a 3rd faction (independents?). Hopefully they pull more from the expanded universe in future releases.

  3. If you want to extend the wings on your Lambda, pinch the back of the hinges inward as you fold down.

    X-wing is a blast. It's definitely a dice game but it has gotten really deep since release.

  4. i would love to see a 3rd faction too. i dont know if they can 'undo' this, but id love to see bounty hunters or mercs be a 3rd faction (probably what you meant by independent). id love to see IG88, and others from the extended universe. i know everyone wants the outrider.