Thursday, July 18, 2013

Infinity: Making the Game Easier With Accessories

I've spent some time making some markers, purchasing cool templates, and creating army cards for Infinity to make the game easier and faster to play. A few people were super interested in my results so I promised to share.

First up: Warsenal Accessories

These suppression markers will help mark the line of your model so you don't forget. They also look super sweet.

These holo shield markers look really cool. I don't know if any of the models I have actually have holo shields yet but when I do have one it'll look sweet.

Nanoscreen markers are also really cool and cheap. Again I haven't used a model yet that has them but when I do that model will be rolling in style.

These optical camo markers help because if you just use tokens then you have no idea what the actual height of the model should be for LOF. They are distinguished from regular camo because they're shiny. They also make regular camo markers that aren't shiny.

This template pack is cheaper than the official Infinity one and they work great.

Next up is Advanced Deployment

I have purchased quite a few templates / markers / etc for 40k and especially Warmachine / Hordes from this vendor. They have some really nice stuff. For Infinity, I really like their smoke markers.

Next we have Regular Tokens

First grab the Optimized Marker Sheet and print that in color. Then grab a 1" hole punch (check at Michael's if you want to). Use this to punch out all your tokens.

The best way I've found to make these tokens durable is to put plastic on either side of them. Pick up this set of 100 plastic shapes (I'd pick up two sets so you could do 100 tokens). Put on on each side of the token and you're set to go!

Finally we can make a ghetto codex

A scholar and gentleman on the Infinity Forums has created cards for each unit entry in CA, Yu Jing, and Haqqislam so far. He intends to do all the armies. They're super nice because they list every rule for that dude and tell you what it does.

Use Zamzar to make these PDFs into JPGs. They'll be 4x6 because that is the size he made them. Take the JPGs, upload them to a photo site like Meijer or Walmart and have them shipped to you (choose matte over gloss). Then put them in a cheap album and you're ready to play a lot easier!


  1. love it! cant wait to make a ghetto codex when my armies are produced by the community.

    as a purchaser of warsenal products, id recommend them to anyone. very affordable.