Monday, July 8, 2013

Contest: Post Your Best 150 Point Infinity ITS List

We here at Fresh Coast Gaming have really gotten into a wargame that is exploding in popularity - Infinity. The game is based on anime / mecha style and it simulates a firefight. I really like that description - it simulates a firefight down to every shot and every movement. Whereas WM/H simulates a small skirmish between two powerful warcasters / warlocks and 40k / FB simulates a battle between two armies, Infinity is one firefight.

We've really enjoyed learning the game and all the skills, abilities, and special moves that each model has. The aesthetic for many of the models has drawn me in and I'm painting as many as I can!

We've chosen to give you an opportunity to start playing this amazing game. We have a 150 point ITS Tournament coming up on August 18th where we'll be testing out the ITS rules. Yeah, Corvus Belli has released an official tournament ruleset for their game. Imagine that!

Your challenge: write up a 150 point list and post it on our forum. Use Aleph Toolbox or the Infinity site (yeah, they even allow you to use an army builder for free!) and post up your output. Then post a couple paragraphs describing your strategy and why you chose those models.

We'll choose one person randomly on August 2nd and they'll win a free starter box of their choice that they can pick up at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI (sorry no shipping on this one!). Get posting!

Some helpful links:

What is Infinity?

List Building in Infinity

How to Build a List in Infinity

Free Infinity Rulebook Re-Edited


  1. How does that bike turn in the picture?

    1. She shoots a gun so big that the recoil kicks the bike to one side

    2. It turns using the same game physics that allows Stormravens to fly... it looks cool