Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Imperial Armour 3: The Taros Campaign 2nd Edition

Images taken from FW Website
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Forge World would be updating all the rules for their Tau models in a re-release of IA3:The Taros Campaign.   I ordered my copy as soon as it was announced and it showed up this week.   For many years while waiting for a Codex update from GW, Forge World was the only source for new Tau models and rules.  I have a decent size FW Tau collection (no Manta....yet) and was eager to see the updated rules for 6th edition.

Like the other FW Imperial Armour releases, the IA3 book is really nice quality.   While I was excited about the rules updates, I found myself flipping through the fluff sections and enjoying the background story.

The background fluff is a great read.   I really like the photo-realism shots of the models as well.
There are complete updated rules for Elysian drop troops.   I'll admit, that seems like a fun way to play IG, but maybe not for the opponent.    Elysian armies are definitely flier heavy (lots of Valks and Vendettas).
The Tau entries are really well done as well.    Like previous books, unit descriptions have either the "40k approved" or "Apocalypse only" stamps.
The new Tau rules seem really well balanced and I don't think there is anything really overpowered.   The Barracuda got a nice bump and Commander R'alai is better than before.   Tetras got cheaper but lost two marker light shots.    While some have complained about this "nerf" I think it is good balance as it requires a decision now versus Pathfinders instead of an auto-include.

Can't wait to get my Barracuda back on the table
The campaign missions look cool and you can play out the whole campaign.   They even included Battlefleet Gothic missions.

With the new 6th edition Tau book still fresh in my hands, I have been sticking with Codex units only to get a understanding of how to use the new rules.  I am very happy with the book overall and look forward to mixing up my lists with some of my Forge World options again.   Thanks for reading.


  1. Are there any new Tau models/units in the FW book or just rewrites of current models?

  2. Pretty much rewrites. Some of them are almost like new though, the Barracuda is a nice flyer again.

  3. I am still debating if the Remora Drone fighters are worth it. The XV9 battlesuits are cool looking but their weapon options seem underwhelming compared to the base codex weapons.

    1. Did they update the fluff and campaign, or is it the same?

    2. The background story is really cool and I like how the story developed. I am pretty sure it is the same as before. Missions have been updated to 6th edition format (1st blood, Slay the Warlord, etc).