Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thornwood Thursday : Nyss Hunters

This week, I painted up another unit that's been sitting neglected for too long- Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters.

Cylena and her unit of Hunters is a Mercenaries and Minions character unit. That means they will work for both Warmachine and Hordes factions. However, as a character unit you'll only take them once in a multi-list tournament format. Cylena and her band avoided being consumed by Everblight and being forced to work for Legion. Instead, they act as mercenaries, always with the goal of hurting the Legion whenever possible.

The Nyss hunters are your quintessential light infantry- super fast and high defense but almost effectively no armor. Blast damage is the bane of their existence, but they can tank most other shooting and melee surprisingly well. They carry bows with good range and decent POW for infantry ranged attacks, and somewhat low POW swords (but have Weaponmaster on the swords, bringing the average damage up slightly.)

Cylena grants the unit Combined Ranged Attack while she is in play, meaning they can do some legit damage against harder targets if necessary. On top of all this, the unit has Hunter (so they see through forests, and ignore cover/concealment) and Pathfinder, so they move right through rough terrain with no problems.

All told, this unit is somewhat pricy at 10 points for a full unit, but they bring some great utility to the table, with effective shooting, melee, and jamming potential if necessary. I look forward to trying out this unit with Jarl so I can toss Quicken on them. SPD 9 infantry with Hunter and Pathfinder? With DEF 17 against ranged and magic attacks? Yes please! They'll even work for my Cryx, since Cryx is directly in conflict with the Legion of Everblight. Fun times.

As always thanks for checking out my stuff!


  1. Looking great! Excellent job on the tiny models!! I really like the work you did on their faces.

    I picked up a full unit to run with my Cryx. With Cryx buffs/debuffs they are downright lethal!

  2. These models are so tiny and you have to glue on the scabbards and augughg

  3. I got 8/10 dudes used at GS, already assembled. So I just had to build one blister's worth. Good guy game store. #cool