Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Road to Adepticon - Final Countdown

It has been a weekend of last minute modelling and speed painting for me in preparation for our trip to Adepticon.  I managed to get 90% of what I wanted to get done.  My only regret is not getting my eVyros painted up for Iron Arena.  I don't want to rush the paint job on a warcaster, so that will have to wait until after Adepticon.   Actually, I have been in a bit of a painting funk lately.   I am hoping this weekend fills me with renewed vigor for the various miniature hobbies I enjoy.

First up, I modeled up two miniatures for my Necromunda Delaque gang and re based all of them.   I added two miniatures to the gang roster to meet the 1200 point limit for the "Necromunda by Night" tournament.

I put some hazard stripe transfers down on the bases and then just used some rough debris basing to represent the streets of the Underhive.   It was quick and dirty but I like how it came out.    The two members modeled were a female "cyberpunk" girl and a bitz box saved scout with a flamer.   Both have are wearing the signature visors of the Delaque gang.   They wear their sunglasses at night so...... they can punk some dudes with style.

Next up, I painted up a few things for my Blood Angels for the "Zone Mortalis" boarding action game.   I realized jump troops are not good  indoors (moving 6"+ is always dangerous) so I am using my Sternguard as a Tactical squad for my required troops choice.

I modeled up and painted one last marine with a bolter to fill up the 10 man unit.   This allows me to combat squad for missions that have more than one objective while limiting kill points in others.   I also decided to bring a dreadnought because it's allowed.   I dug through my bitz box to get a plasma cannon put together and painted it up.   Blast scatters are reduced in the tight hallways of the ship interior so hopefully some mobile plasma blasts will give good covering fire while my Assault Terminators advance to beat some face.

For the Iron Arena I am bringing my Retribution since my Circle army is not fully painted.  When I played at Gencon I realized there were bonus points for running Tier lists so I am bringing my Rahn "Fires on High" Tier four list.   Honestly though I just want to show off my LED Hyperion.

Iron Arena is a really fun event and runs the whole weekend.    It's great just to jump into pickup games and earn points for cool Privateer Press swag.

Lastly but not least, my Tau (4th edition version) are ready for the 40k team event.   I plan on providing fire support (not hiding!) from behind a nice defensive line and protecting backfield objectives.

This will be the last go with the 4th edition codex for me.   One last shot for strength 10 broadside railguns to tear up some tanks.

I am also signed up for a Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering class.    I am really looking forward to experiencing my first Adepticon.   Stay tuned next week for some FCG highlights from the crew.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I will do what I can to get as much of your games on film! I have always said your Retribution is one of the best looking armies from ANY game in the whole club!

  2. Everything looks Awesome! Good luck this weekend!!