Friday, March 15, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Chaos Sorceror on Manticore


For something completely different, today's article is about my first finished Warhammer Fantasy model- the fantastic Chaos Lord on Manticore Kit.

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that our fearless leader muggins can be a bit of a pusher when it comes to these games. Once he decided I'd be playing Fantasy, there was no use resisting forever. I picked up a bunch of Warriors of Chaos last year after his constant prodding. I liked the models from a painting perspective, plus it can be a somewhat low model count army. Win-win! In support of this endeavor, the FC40k guys all got me the sweet Chaos Lord on Manticore kit for my birthday. Then along came the birth of my twins and a hard shift towards Privateer Press games. That poor Chaos Lord sat neglected for quite awhile.

I've recently had a slight resurgence in interest in working on my WoC. Given that it's a few days shy of a year since I was given the manticore kit, I thought I should stop being a total jerk and paint the model I was kindly given. I normally leave big centerpiece models like this until later in a project, when I've had practice painting the army colors, so it was a bit intimidating learning as I went. Anyway, on to the results.

As was probably obvious, I'm going with a Tzeentch theme for these guys. The sorceror's armor shows what I'm thinking will be the main color for the warrior units themselves. Typically WoC armies are much more grimdark, so I thought it would be cool to do something bright.

 I added some mottling at various spots. I think it helps break up the huge areas of samey color.

The fur was originally a weird greenish/grayish color. So glad I changed it to a red. The warm color really sets off the other cool tones nicely.

I use snow quite often on my bases, but at least that's something common for WoC. I also tried a different technique, mixing it with gloss varnish. It gives it a much more wet look. So at least I changed it up some? (I sure do love snow bases.)

Big thanks again to the FC40k dudes for getting me this, and sorry it took quite so long. Better late than never I hope?


  1. Bad. Ass.

    Love the bright, cheery colors.

  2. I do not think much of the model, but that is a great paint job.

  3. Thanks all. I wish I could do better pictures. I especially like the fur in person.

    I also have the Chaos Lord model I'll paint up later. GW was nice to provide enough bits to build both. They don't even need magnetized. They fit pretty securely in the saddle.

  4. I eventually want to get this model - I'm trying to focus in on Fantasy if you guys do a slow-grow this year, and with the GS Build-a-Batallion thing, it looks like ther's going to be a good player base for this. I'm starting from scratch with Warriors of Chaos (I hope you can use some of the models I gave you!) so I'm looking forward to building it from the ground up with the new book. Eventually I want to do a Monster-Zilla style list.