Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thornwood Thursday - End of the Journeyman League

Tomorrow is the last day for the Journeyman league at Gamer's Sanctuary.  While I fell short of my goal of a fully painted, 35 point Circle army at the end, I did get a good start on my new Hordes army.    I did pick up a lot of new models so I will have plenty to paint for awhile.   I realized that the Journeyman league format encourages speed painting and I am just too slow.    As far as the games played points, I have missed a few Fridays so I am sure I am not in the running for that either.   But the goal of "fun" was achieved and I met a lot of new players in the area.

I did paint up eKaya (Kaya2) this week.   She seems a bit better over her prime version.    Most Circle models have those green/gold armor plates and I am getting a lot of practice painting them.

eKaya comes with a companion warbeast Laris.    Laris seems pretty good but does limit eKaya's warbeast points.  

From my previous post, I was building up to a 35 point eKaya theme force for the last day of the league.   I painted up a unit of Shifting Stones and a Stonekeeper UA.    Most of the studio models for the druids feature dark blue cloaks.   I think the color scheme gives a nice contrast to the army.

I did paint up a Blackclad Wayfarer solo as well.   Surprisingly to me, Circle does not feature many speed buffs.   This solo has a nice buff spell that has helped me a few games getting long range charges off.

That is about it.   I still have the Skinwalker unit, a unit of druids, and a Pureblood Warpwolf to paint up.   I think I am going to run Circle in the upcoming Machinations league.   It will help keep me motivated to get more painting done.   Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice! The stones are so ballbusting sometimes, heh

  2. Good to know your Fridays are reserved for other things. ;-)

    Nice job on the minis, too.