Friday, February 22, 2013

This is Why I Love the Horus Heresy, Forge World's Newest Offering Loken Vs Abaddon

This right here is why I absolutely love the Horus Heresy. It just does not get any more epic than the scene above. If you are familiar with Ben Counter's novel Galaxy in Flames you will recognize this scene as the climatic final battle between Garviel Loken and Ezekyle Abaddon. 

Do you recognize the Despoiler here? I can see this being a desired model to current Chaos Space Marine players as I think this is a better sculpt of Abaddon. The nice part is like with the Angron diorama, both of these characters lift right out for tabletop use.

Amazing - that's all I can really say about this diorama. Angron was awesome, but this is even greater than the primarch. As with Angron the price tag is steep at $84 , but considering that a lousy Storm Raven is $85,  can you honestly say it isn't worth it? I can't wait to see what they have coming out next. 

Image and Video courtesy of Games Workshop


  1. Seeing Loken does make me want to start a Luna Wolves or Sons of Horus army! However, I think I'll wait for Russ or Magnus to come out before I start anything Pre Heresy.

  2. They should be coming out with Tarvitz, he is in Betrayal. I am looking forward to Sigismund for my Imperial Fists, but like everything else Imperial Fist it will prolly be awhile before I see anything for them. Glad I went with the Fists, to0 tempting to do a World Eater or Sons of Horus army at the moment.

  3. I can't wait for the Blood Angels stuff.... Sanguinius should be epic.