Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Big Game III: The World's Largest Apocalypse Game - March 16th at Gamers Sanctuary

For the third year in a row is organizing a world-wide game day to play Apocalypse. The initiative is basically to have as many people playing 40k as possible in huge Apocalypse games. We ran a game last year and will be running one this year at Gamers Sanctuary on March 16th.

For this year we'll be using the regular Apocalypse rules with a few guidelines (house rules) that will make the game more fun. I've found that these rules balance it a little bit at least and make it as much fun as possible. We'll be doing Order vs Destruction, trying to balance the teams as best as possible. Everything must be painted!

Last year I believe we had eight players. I hope to double that this year and play on two huge tables. The scenario will be a return to Reth where we fought our campaign. The forces of destruction are leading a frontal assault on a  fortified base area that the imperials are holding. That will be one table.

The forces of Order have sent a strike force to a jungle area on Reth to take out the staging areas that Destruction is using to bring their forces to the ground. That will be the other table. We'll have plenty of sweet terrain to make both tables look great.

If you're interested in playing you can sign up here. Please send an email to with your roster so I can balance the sides.

Stay tuned for more details!