Friday, December 7, 2012

Fantasy Friday: 2012 Year in Review and Looking Forward to 2013

This year has been a great year for Fantasy in our group. I managed to con a couple more people into playing so we can get a great league going next year. I also did some Army ADD finagling - I started an Empire army, traded it to Geneguard for painting commissions, sold my Tomb Kings and started a Beastman army.

Tau4Eva and I faced off many times - his Dark Elves vs my Herd. I learned about the horrors of the Hydra and figured out that you always have to take flaming banner. I think he probably won more times than I did but it was usually a bloodbath on both sides.

I also purchased Tamurkhan and Monstrous Arcanum from Forge World. Monstrous Arcanum inspired me to purchase some models... hell, I guess I would have bought them anyway. They're sweet and they fit in with my Beastmen really well. I plan to run a Tamurkhan campaign at some point with a narrative of Chaos vs All.

In March I actually managed to take second place at a WHFB tourney at GS. I got lucky in that the first round I got my herd beat by Teclis and managed some favorable matchups in the second and third rounds and got max points there. I beat Tau4Eva out by 2 points I think for second place.

I recently comitted to painting 3000 points of Beastmen by inauguration day. I can tell you right now I'm definitely behind on that. I've been distracted by some Warmachine models and putting together Flames of War models but I hope to get back on track. I will have 3000 points for sure based on some big point value things I've painted but I want to get my big hordes painted.

We'll also be doing a Great Lakes Warhammer League division at Gamers Sanctuary this year. This is huge because the GLWL has been a Michigan wargaming tradition for quite a long time. I plan to have my army painted by then so I can put out awesome battle reports with a fully painted army.

There is nothing more inspiring than a fully painted Warhammer regiment. It looks so cool and really brings the vision of fantasy war to your head. Follow this blog in 2013 for a LOT of hobby progress and battle reports regarding WHFB. We'll also be running campaigns and the GLWL league of course so it promises to be a big year for WHFB!


  1. Wish I lived closer so I could play in the campaign.

  2. How much investment do you think it takes to get into Warhammer (time, $$, learning the game, etc.)? I've always been intimidated to start a warhammer army (and I don't have the slightest idea which army I would enjoy playing/painting).

  3. There are cheaper armies (Ogres, Warriors of Chaos, maybe Daemons) with less models if you are looking to save money. Probably around $300 for one of these armies, maybe more. Less if you go second hand. Learning just takes time like any other game, and comes faster with playing more.

  4. About 50% or more of my Dark Elves were bought second hand (Ebay,local stores resale bin, etc). My investment is significantly less than what I have put into 40k.

    The more Fantasy I play, the more hooked I become. It's really a fun system.

  5. You can get 2000 points of Lizardmen for around $250. 2 Battalion boxes fully kitted out and Skink Priest on a Stegadon with the Engine of the Gods should do it. Add a Slann and make a regular Stegadon instead of the Priest and you could easily get to 2500.

  6. I've never been able to pin down exactly what army I want to do for Fantasy. Most of the recent models are pretty amazing. Empire and Brettonians have a strong appeal for me since I like European history...maybe I'll dive into it once I get some other projects done!

    1. I want to see you paint some Bretonians! I can see you now pushing your serfs around the board making lordly comments.