Friday, November 2, 2012

Fantasy Friday - GLWL Prep

A minotaur gorebull shows down some Empire men Source
In preparation for the GLWL I've been painting models as well as planning out my initial 1500 points. Rhellion gave us a great noobler guide and I made a painting oath to have finished by inauguration day.

With the GLWL you have a fixed list of 1500 points that you must bring to every game. This makes it so you know a little about the opponent you'll face. They can see the magic items that you're bringing and any unit options.

+++ Base Roster - GLWL 2013 (1518pts) +++

Beastmen (Standard) Selections:
+ Lords + (483pts)
    * Beastlord (218pts)
        Armour of Fortune (35pts), Crown of Command (35pts), Shield (3pts)
    * Great Bray-Shaman (265pts)
        Talisman of Endurance (30pts), Wizard Level 4 (35pts)

+ Heroes + (125pts)
    * Bray-Shaman (125pts)
        Shard of the Herdstone (50pts), Wizard Level 1

+ Core + (560pts)
    * Gor Herd (345pts)
        Foe-render (10pts), Musician (5pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)
        * 40x Gor (320pts)
            40x Additional hand weapon (40pts)
    * Ungor Herd (215pts)
        Halfhorn (6pts), Musician (3pts), Standard bearer (6pts), 40x Ungor (200pts)

+ Special + (350pts)
    * Minotaurs (350pts)
        6x Minotaurs (330pts), Standard bearer (20pts)

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He's about 299 points kitted out with what I want to give him. He'll be in the unit of minotaurs so he can look out sir. Now I have the option of using him or the regular wargor BSB.


  1. The Minotaur looks great, this makes me want to break out my Beasts and get to work on them.