Friday, October 19, 2012

Fantasy Friday: Monstrous Arcanum Models, Great Lakes Warhammer League!

A while back I purchased Monstrous Arcanum and some monsters for Warhammer Fantasy. I bought three Skin Wolves and one Preyton. I'm glad I did because they turned out to be very Beastman-y. In the future I think I'll be picking up some more stuff... Forge World is just really the drug dealer I can't say no to. The Elemental of Beasts is pretty sweet and the Arcane Frogs are just ridiculous, lol.

First up, the Preyton. This thing is really weird looking and angry. When you wound it in combat the wounds actually count AGAINST you! That is how much it hates itself. That really goes with the whole beastmen theme and they actually created it in a shaman ritual way back.

I may use this thing as a count-as Jabberslythe sometimes in normal games as that model is hilariously expensive now. I really do like this guy although he is a bit smaller than I imagined.

Skin wolves are dudes and dudettes who basically carry the gene to transform into a wolf at some point in their life. They live in the north in the Chaos wastes and become transformed. The models are SO cool. the skin is still on the model so you can paint that and make them look hardcore.

The stats themselves are basically monstrous infantry but you can give them marks. These are marked with Tzeentch as that is the god my Beastmen serve.

The models themselves are very dynamic and easy to imagine running across the field, tearing dudes up.

They don't rank up the best but I imagine I'll try them out in my next game so I can see how they work out. They're only about 55 points each so they're not too bad.

This brings me to the next point: I've pulled some rules from the 'nets about how to use Monstrous Arcanum in a regular game. These are pretty sweet! We'll be using these for Foodhammer.

  • Forge World units ARE allowed. You must have the rules with you.
  • Monsters with the 'Kinship' rule to your army = Count as rare choice and can have as many as you want (providing you have the rare points available).
  • Monsters with the 'bound' rule to your army= Allowed only 1 as a rare choice.
  • Monsters with the 'Abhorrent' rule to your army = not allowed in your army.
  • Same rules for large units (such as wolf rats/Fimir warriors) but regarded as 'special' not 'rare'.

The other Fantasy Friday topic we have today is the Great Lakes Warhammer League. This league has been going for a long time and I've just never taken part for some reason. It starts in January (the day before my pledge ends!) so I'd like to get in on it.

I'd really like to get a Flint contingent in on this league. I've asked Rhellion to give us a noobie's guide so we can get up to date on this great Michigan wargaming event. Watch this blog for more on the GLWL!

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