Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hobby Update - Death Company Finished

I managed to finish most of my painting oath for the current 40k campaign at Gamer's Sanctuary. I have been playing my Blood Angels for the sole reason to motivate me to get some more painting done. For the campaign, we are encouraged to play two games a week, so I have mostly been playing at 1500 pts to get two games in. But I still have managed to run a small assault death star unit with some success so far (5-7 Death company with 1-2 special weapons + Reclusiarch + Stormraven).

Most of my Death Company models are equipped with just the basic close combat weapon and pistol. They can get some pretty expensive when you start upgrading them.

Of course, it's always nice to add a few special weapons into the mix. One advantage Death Company has is they are not characters, so there is no picking out the special weapons in a challenge.

I always run Death Company in an assault vehicle. I have gotten lucky so far and usually get them where they are needed via Stormraven for a turn 3 assault. I also decided to upgrade my Reclusiarch and picked up the Finecast terminator version to paint.  The goal is to deny my opponents Warlord victory points as a 2+ save and fearless is pretty good.  Also, the model is a classic.

Lastly, I painted up an extra Space Hulk chalice to be my objective for the Relic mission.

Unfortunately, I did not complete the entire oath I set for myself by the end of the campaign. The Death Company Land Raider still is on my painting table with just the base coat finished at the moment.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Wow, some of your best work yet! Really Impressed by it!

  2. These guys hit like a ton of bricks! Check out what they do to my Wraithguard unit in an upcoming batrep!

  3. death company rules ! nice paint jobs. i like the bases

  4. Love the Reclusiarch! Well done!