Monday, July 2, 2012

My first 6th ed. army list... now with allies!

With the advent of 6th edition and after my first & only game under the new rules (watch for the video batrep from that fiasco later this week), I’m thinking I might follow a path that I’ve always found intriguing…

I'm talking a full "Mark of Nurgle" Choas army with Epidemius the Tallyman (attached to a big unit of cheap Nurglings), and led by a Chaos Space Marine detachment that would include Typhus (level 2 terminator Nurgle sorcerer HQ, allowing me to use the new psychic powers) attached to a Plague Marine unit or two and flanked by T6 Nurgle bikers.

The Daemons would be rounded out with a bunch of Plaguebearers (which I love to model and paint).  I only have a dozen so far, and would need at least a dozen more, I think.

The Tallyman provides some really cool benefits as Nurgle models die:
1-4 nothing
5-9 All Plagueswords wound on 3+ (carried by Plaguebearers)
10-14 All followers of Nurgle have Noxious Touch (wound on 2+, sweet!)
15-19 All Nurgle have FNP and save on 3+ now (T5 with a 3++, also sweeet)
20+ All Nurgle attacks ignore armour saves (uh oh.)

(A Soul Grinder can’t technically purchase a Mark of Nurgle, so wouldn’t count toward the Tallyman’s count, even if I paint him all up in Nurgle fashion… right?)

So, none of the Tallyman stuff was addressed in the FAQ... I guess it all still stands.

My only concern being the codex completely changing when the rumored “legions” codex is released in Aug or Sep and the army being nerfed to no fun.  But oh well.

Nurgle is my favorite god and I’ve always wanted to do a Nurgle Daemon army… but it’s never been feasible considering the codex.  But, now that I can bring in some CSMs to the mix, this is sounding like my ex-gf; tons of fun.

I already own Epidemius, but never modeled him because I could never figure out a way to make him viable in an army.

I’m thinking the CSMs will be the primary detachment, since there are no FA FOC Nurgle choices for CDs, and I want to run Nurgle bikes. So, CSMs with Typhus (my likely warlord, shown below) and maybe a flying Nurgle Daemon Prince as HQs, a bunch of PMs, Nurgle Bikers, and…

Allied detachment: Epidemius (HQ), Nurglings (body guards/meat shield), and a couple groups of T5 FNP Plaguebearers, who don’t seem like much at WS3, S4, I2, A1… they are hard to kill.

Still light on shooting and no fliers (if you don’t count the Flying MC Prince), so I don’t know how much fun it would actually be in 6th. I definitely don’t care about winning tournaments, but I’d like the list to at least be able to stand up for itself in most matches. I'm guessing CSMs will get some fliers in the next codex, so that could help level the playing field. But really, who knows how prominent of a role they'll play in the coming months though.

Sooo, thoughts?  What am I missing to make this even more fun?  I’m thinking I could whack up a pretty sweet list… but what does it look like and at what point level is the new meta going to be when running allies? 


  1. Sounds scary. Maybe Blight Drones will/do count as fliers? They would fit the theme.

  2. I'm thinking from the other do I build some awesome detachments from the Chaos: Daemons codex and integrate them into a CSM force. I already have the Bloodletters and Daemonettes which were being used as 'lesser' summoned daemons that I can now take as actual 'named' deamons. The Epidemius/Plague Marine/Bikers combo seems obvious, but all I really want to do is deep strike some Soul Grinders or just go bananas with an ALL KHORNE/ALL THE TIME Bloodthirster/Berzerker/Lord with a Bloodfeeder/Bloodletters/Juggernauts combo somehow. Thousand Sons can be even shootier with horrors and flamers. Or maybe go for a god rivalry army with Tzeencth-Khorne or Nurgle-Slaanesh combinations.

    As far as the Legions book goes, I think that was wishful thinking. I'm hoping the do a Chaos 'legions, renegades, and cultists' book, and then a separate tome for the warpborne.

  3. Daemons and the Warp have always been one of the main things that've drawn me to 40k. There are a lot of CSM/CD combos that I'm dreaming of, but Epidemius has always seemed like such a fun (neat-looking) model and his cumulative tally adds that extra layer of chaos to a list that I love.

    Plus, being a life long motorcycle rider, I'm also into all the marine bike models. Lots of conversion potential on the CSM bikes. T6 is pretty cool too, no more brackets for toughness in 6th ed.

    Finally, I'll be all ready for "Legions" when it's finally released! Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm looking into how Blight Drones play too...

  4. 1750 List:
    1 Epidemius 110
    15 Plaguebearers 225
    15 Plaguebearers 225
    1 Typhus 225
    7 Plague Marines 161
    7 Plague Marines 161
    5 Nurgle Terminators 195
    1 Nurgle Prince w/wings 150
    3 Nurgle Bikers 149
    3 Nurgle Bikers 149

  5. I just came across your thread/list and I'm in the same boat as you, my thing though is that we are both coming at this army from different directions, you're favoring CSM as your primary detachment and I'm favoring the Daemons. One key reason behind this is that the Daemon Prince from the CD codex, when given wings, counts as Flying MC and the Daemon Prince from the CSM list only counts as jump infantry!!

    WTH!? Yea, its in the CSM FAQ...

    So basically what I'm looking at doing is running Epi, 3 or 4 squads of plague bearers (x7), 3 Flying Daemon Princes (FMC) mix of daemonic gaze and breath, Typhus, 2 squads of plague marines (x7), but I cant figure out if i want to run a big squad (x10) of havocs with 4 missile launchers and an aegis defense line potentially with the comms relay (depending how its gets rule lawyered) or the quad-gun emplacement OR run nurgle bikers which a friend has brought to my attention and I can't stop thinking how awesome they sound...

    Also, Typhus was FAQ'd as a level 1 sorcerer so maybe instead of Typhus a chaos lord or sorcerer lord on a bike make a better choice joined with the bikers.

    1. Oooh, I thought that I read Typhus was FAQ'd to a level 2... That, the FMC issue, changes things a little.

      Nurgle bikers at T6 seem like a great option; basically 150pts for 3. Got my work cut out for me on the modeling front though. :)