Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gamers Sanctuary Now in the Commission Painting Business

We just learned that Gamers Sanctuary will be doing some painting commissions. I'll be sending a Legion caster or two over there to get painted!

I (Chad) am going to be doing some commission painting work. Many of you have seen my work in the case at Gamers Sanctuary or as featured in Privateer Press' No Quarter Magazine. If you're interested in having something painted, you can see some of my sample work at GS. The rates for commission painting are as follows:

Basic Tabletop Quality - 100% Model MSRP
Priming, Basecoat, Drybrush, Wash & Basing

High-Tabletop Quality - 125% Model MSRP
Above plus, advanced highlights & detailing

Character (HQ / Warcaster) Quality - 150% Model MSRP
Above plus, wet-blending & laying of highlights and details

We have more details available in store or feel free to contact me through Facebook or email (all store email addresses come to me). All inquires are welcome.

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