Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Lord Kyuss Figure for D&D Campaign Finale

As if my nerd credentials were ever in doubt, I also am a card carrying Dungeons and Dragons player. I have been playing in a D&D campaign for about 5+ years that has taken our group from 1st to now 20th level (we play once a month). Even though 4th edition D&D came out, our group still loves the 3.5 version rules.

We have been playing the "Age of Worms" campaign from Dungeon Magazine and the big finale is coming up soon. Our Dungeon Master asked me for help in constructing Lord Kyuss, the main villain for the final battle. He provided me with a Ringwraith action figure from Lord of the Rings to use as the base model. The scale of the model is appropriately huge compared to the 28mm scale models for D&D figures.   So with that model as a base, he asked me to "worm it up" to represent the resurrected Deity, Lord Kyuss.

I did some searching online and saw that a lot of people had already converted a Ringwraith to use for Lord Kyuss.  Honestly, it's not that hard of conversion.  The trickiest part for me was constructing his unique weapon, a sort of hybrid axe-mace.

Model Prep - Clipped off some parts, made a 3"x3" base per D&D scale grid huge monster
Weapon - I traced out the axe part of the weapon based on the artwork
Weapon part two - Greenstuff was used to form the ball part of the weapon and then spikes were added
"greenstuff" worms added - I haven't decided if they need to be painted
That's about it.  The big finale was originally scheduled this month, but it looks like we will not get to it until August now.  Hopefully my character survives the big finish!  Thanks for reading.


  1. That's awesome. I've been running play by post games with Pathfinder (based on the 3.5 ruleset) and it's been a lot of fun. I'd like to eventually have a collection of nicely painted Reaper minis for RPGs.