Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deployment Painting Oath Completed! Part One

Greetings Everyone.

As most readers know, I don't get to participate in all these wonderful freshcoast40k painting challenges, games or events; and for good reason too. Because, I am deployed to Afghanistan (AKA shittiest place on Earth) it severely limits my nerd activities. However, I do manage to paint models while I am here. Painting has been and continues to be one of my favorite parts of miniature war-gaming. 

 The room of my wall, keeping it real yo!

 Here is me pretending to paint a model. 

I painted a lot of models this deployment, which I find amazing because I am such a slow painter. I am talking about six hour paint jobs on one Sanguinary Guard. For today, I am going to focus on my Sanguinary Guard models I painted.

I set a goal of completing all my single models while over here and had them shipped to me along with my paints. I would like to add that Brian also contributed to my paint supply, it seems he bought every 50% off paint from the discontinued line he could find and sent it my way along with some brushes. Thanks Brian!

I already had one squad of Sanguinary Guard painted from long ago, but when Muggins decided to wholesale his Blood Angels off I jumped right on it. I purchased three squads from Muggins, they were already glued together. But I made the best of it, ripping apart what I could and re-posing and putting the correct weapon layouts on them. Muggins is a fine painter, but I think he is terrible at posing models that he doesn't like!  Each Squad has a Melta Pistol, Plasma gun and a Power fist. It appears with the new rules, that the Glaives are either master-crafted, two-handed power swords or power axes depending on the actual model.  Fortunately for me I have about 9 Axes between the 4 squads I own, as it seems Axes will be good for cracking terminator Armor.

All the Sanguinary Guard models were primed white, then base coated with an airbrush (I did this before deployment). Heavy Layers of Devlan Mud were applied, then gold was dry-brushed back over-top. I painted all the wings to my Sanguinary Guard silver, I saw it once from a picture on the GW site and I really liked it.

The Gems are all 5 layers of paint. Black, Red-Gore, Blood Red, Fiery Orange, and white.

The power weapon effects I created by layering Royal Blue, Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and White.

The bases are from I personally conversed with the guy who runs this site and he was real cool about shipping these to Afghanistan and making sure they were in good packaging. The bases were real cheep, and I thought they mirrored the angel of death theme very well.

Part two of this series will contain my Razorback assault squads. See you then!


  1. very nice man, wish I could paint that good.

  2. Those look great! Looking forward to seeing them on the table when you return home.

  3. Excellent job! When do you return state-side?

  4. Thanks guys! We shall have a grand time. I want to have a big nerd day upon return. Host it somewhere awesome, like Brian's house if he still lived in Michigan =P Only Three more months until I return!