Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Beasts of War!

So since about 1:30pm on Friday I have been alternating between reading through the newest edition to Warhammer 40k and checking in over at Beasts of War. Their silence and lack of 6th edition material to this point was confusing to say the least.  Beasts of War is an excellent source for all things mini gaming, I had expected them to come right out of the gate running, but they are as giddy and as we are, an like us still sifting through all of the changes in this edition. I thoroughly enjoyed their in depth video reviews of both Codex:  Necrons and Codex: Grey Knights.  
Darrel and Warren have been bringing us all of the latest news and rumors regarding Warhammer 40k for a number of years now and their video reviews are not only highly informative but down right funny as well. From the video you can tell that they are pretty stoked about this edition. Warren is especially geeked about the new allies rule, but you can expect them to go into challenges, the revamped wound allocation system, flyers, and fortifications among many others.
So remember July 9th through the 14th is 40k week over at Beasts of War. I am sure that they won't be able to contain themselves so I would expect some videos to trickle out before Monday. When you're done watching videos, hit Gamers Sanctuary for the July 14th 6th Edition party!
So... Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Beasts of War!


  1. I like the Privateer Press ad at the end of their 40k teaser promo. Stay classy BoW.

  2. I only made it a minute into the video.

  3. Thats why I like BoW they don't just cater to one specific game but are all encompasing. It crashed on you Bill?