Monday, June 4, 2012

Warmachine Reboot

This week is the start of an Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller escalation league at Gamer's Sanctuary. I believe I speak for most of the FC40k group in saying that we are really looking forward to getting back into regularly playing WM/Hordes. It's been awhile since the last escalation league at GS. Back then I was just a newb learning the rules and trying not to rage-quit the game every time my caster got punked. Now, I feel a little more experienced with the complex match-ups this game presents.

I love this artwork
A few of the FC40k crew started second factions, but I decided to stick with what I know. I have picked up some of the new stuff released for Retribution of Scyrah since Wrath released and I am looking forward to some of the options I have now. I still have a few solos to paint and will probably pick up another Myrmidon during the next couple weeks. Heck, I might even pick up Hyperion (AKA, Uber-shoulders) if it releases soon with the Colossal's book.
I have all the RoS Warcasters available now
I now have all the casters available for RoS. Rahn and Ravyn are still my favorites and are my go-to casters for pure offense. However, Rahn doesn't like anti-magic and Ravyn hates massed stealth opponents. Kaelyssa and Ossyan are pretty good all-rounders and generally are good against WM and Hordes equally.  In particular, Ossyan is the only caster I have won a tournament with, so he deserves special consideration. I don't have enough experience playing either Garryth or Vyros yet. I have read a lot of players that use those two casters well, but I don't feel confident to play them competitively yet.  The escalation league starts out at 15 points and I plan on making lists for all my casters as you can change each week. Stay tuned for more updates as we try for the awards Privateer Press supplies for this event.
Privateer Press Steamroller Trophies

Privateer Press Steamroller Hobby Coins


  1. I'm excited for the league! I got my third game in and tried some new Troll tactics after Saturday's Warhammer tournament.

    I'll probably be up at GS Thursday looking for make up games if you or anyone else is available that night.

  2. Considering taking my Khador because they're painted and I know how to use them... but I really want to learn my Legion stuff, so I'll use them. See you tonight. As Bart Scott would say... can't wait.

  3. With the new battlegroup I painted up (still not saying what it is until I put it on the table) I think I found a Warmahordes faction I like. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on some stuff on order, so as I build up my force and get familiar with the faction, I'd love to catch some games Weds or Sat at GS. I think I'd like to get a little more competent with my faction before I jump into league play.