Friday, June 15, 2012

One More Tourney and 5th Edition Nostalgia

This Saturday is Gamer's Sanctuary's monthly 40k tournament and most likely the last one using the 5th edition rules.  I have decided to exit 5th edition the way I started and bring my Tau. The last few tournaments have been fun with my Blood Angels. But I really do not want to spend another day of Marine vs Marine battles. I have played my Tau lately but with several Imperial Armour models. So playing a tournament list will feel limited for me now with base Codex units. Tau of course have suffered a bit during 5th edition as the codex was last updated for 4th edition. But I wanted to go out with a bang, so we will see how it goes.  Tau can still do OK versus mech armies which is typically what people bring to tournaments.

I have a hard time explaining this game to my non-40k friends. I tell them I play an army that has not been updated for the current game system rules.  I hope Game's Workshop surprises me with more frequent updates for all the armies after 6th edition launches.

I started playing 40k with 5th edition, so this will be the first time I experience a rules change.  I am looking forward to experiencing the game again as new.   Speaking of, I dug up some old photos from my first and fourth games of 40k.  My buddy Joe had a cool game room setup for playing Heroscape and we used a lot of terrain from that system.  He was a veteran 4th edition player, but he was new to 5th at the time we played.  I can still remember the first game against his Orks.  He won on kill points 3-2.  After a few games of close losses against his Orks, he decided to dig out his old Space Wolves and beat me with them.  It took me awhile to get a win against him, but I loved the sense of newness of the game and really enjoyed myself despite losing. So here's some looking back before I look forward to 6th.   Once upon a time in September of 2009....

Lots of rulebook consulting for our first game of 5th edition
Orks start out in cover
I had a decent amount of my army painted for my first game
I quickly figured out that I could annoy my opponent with Jump-Shoot-Jump
Versus Space Wolves on too big of table with a valley of death
A mix of battlesuits and vehicles - still what I run today
Check out the old school terminators and long fangs


  1. I'm excited. I consider myself a Tyranid player but they're still on the shelf because I want to paint more termagants. Plus I'd like to see if MCs get better in 6th Edition.

    I'll be bringing my Mantis Warriors. Shenanigans time!

  2. Hey! You have a really nice blog! I was at the last tournament two months ago (my first "tournament" btw) and I also noticed all of the space marines. Is that the norm at GS? I'm thinking about starting another army (Necrons, DE or Eldar) just to see some variety. I'll have get some 40k advice from you tomorrow :)

    I've been playing 40k for about a year and it hasn't been until recently that I feel confident in my knowledge of 5th edition rules and have mixed feelings about 6th edition :)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at GS tomorrow.


    1. Thanks for the compliments! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    2. Everyone in our club plays some kind of Marines (Vanilla, BA, GK, or Chaos). Nearly all of us play at least one xenos army as well. There are other players who frequent GS who do play xenos occasionally, but Marines seem to dominate the local metagame-tournament scene. It is always cool to see something other than Powered Armor across the table.

      That being said, I'm likely bringing my Star Phantoms tomorrow. I didn't get a chance to play them at the Team Tournament.

    3. Bleh. You got me excited saying you were bringing Eldar. Nice bait and switch :)

  3. I'm bringing my Salamanders unread of my usual tourney army Orks. But that's only so I can run a dumb gimmick list, heh.

  4. Anyone know where the tournament details are? The link on the website doesnt work

    1. Yeah I'm not sure where the tournament details pdf is, but it'll be a standard Adepticon type tournament with scenarios.

  5. This article reminds of when Cerberus and I started playing again a while back. I think it was a post about computer games on Facebook, then 'do you play RPGs?' then 'my dice are in with my 40K stuff' then '40K OMG!' or something! I had never really 'played' 40K, but I always had a lot of fun putting together the miniatures when I wasn't building scale armor. He had a better grasp of the rules, and I had a mostly painted Chaos renegade strike force (the mega-force box) that had never really seen action. Now, almost a couple of years later, I have a blog devoted to Chaos, and met a whole bunch of cool guys at GS. I think I'm still pretty lousy at the game part of it, but I mostly have fun with it in my own way.