Friday, June 22, 2012

The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall - Last 5th Edition Battle Report for Muggins

Last night Cerberus and I played the first mission from the Badab War campaign books (IA 9) The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall. Cerberus' marines played the part of the Marines Errant and my Mantis Warriors played their part.

The setup for this scenario is as such: 'The Fall' was a post-industrial planet rich in resources that could be harvested. The Marines Errant and Mantis Warriors fought hard for the planet until the Mantis Warriors managed to trap the 1st and 3rd companies in the Rust Zone. In a series of murderous surgical strikes the killed off most of the chapter command and routed the Marines Errant. With their Chapter Master, 3rd Company Commander and command staff dead they broke off any hostilities and retreated.

This particular battle granted control of the Maelstrom Zone to the Tyrant.

In the scenario setup it allowed me to trade heavy slots for fast attack, that is why I could bring 3 extra Stormtalon gunships.
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