Monday, May 21, 2012

May Mantis Warriors Update: Lightning Claws, Painted Army So Far

I finished my Something Awful oath to paint 10 lightning claw terminators and a Chapter Master (Charlesso Khan). I really liked how the lightning claws turned out; I started dark, layered up to light, dry brushed white, then glazed with Gulliman Blue.

I will say before I started this project I was very anti-power armor, as that seems to be all we see around our area. I'm still pro-xenos but I feel like there are some pretty damn cool stories to be told with marines. I'm far from done with these guys.

First, Chapter Master Charlesso Khan with his lightning claw and storm shield:

Now his lightning claw terminator retinue:

I think they probably will find themselves mixed in with some thunder hammer terminators just for some higher initiative strikes. I went a step further than normal with some layering on these fellas. Can't wait to have them deep strike in and tear up the xenos.

Since it was such a nice bright day I decided to take shots of what I have fully painted so far.

Sniper scouts!

Other batch of snipers. I haven't painted any tac squads yet.

Sternguard. Sweet Forge World models.
My characters - tech priest, chapter master, chaplain, and librarian

Full army shot

Terminators and dreads

Land speeders with typhoon missiles

Rhino chassis vehicles

Drop Pods

KR Case. Wife Patched on some stuff for me

Master Mantodea from the BOLS Badab War supplement
This is my progress so far. Like I said I'm far from done. I can't take credit for the rhino chassis vehicles as Geneguard is painting those in trade with me. Thanks for checking these out!


  1. Flippin sweet! Great work dude, the force looks amazing!

  2. Totally Clawsome! Keep up the good work.

  3. Look nice. The 40kfightclub lansing chapter is doing a babad war campaign and I finished up my first Mantis Warrior last night. Mine are a little darker. did you do all those army symbols free hand or did you find decals somewhere? Let's just say my initial attempt leaves some room for improvement.

    1. I'm using the decal sets from Bolter and Chainsword. I print them out on decal paper, then seal them using the spray, then put them on with MicroSol. MicroSol is the key. I can't freehand for ****, lol.

    2. I am making transfers. I use the decals from here:

      I made my own Maelstrom Warders logo ones too. Pretty much all you need to know to make your own decals are in that thread, but there is information here too:

    3. They look great. Much better than the free handed version I tried to make over the weekend Seen here

    4. Let me know if you have troubles making your own decals. I could likely print out some of mine and drop them at Evo Games for you to pick up.

  4. I love Terminators! Well done!

    If the Mantis Warriors could take Shrike (Fleet) and put the whole crew in a Land Raider...

  5. Those look fantastic Muggins! Very, very nice.