Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapter Master Charlesso Khan of the Mantis Warriors

I have to admit something to the 40k community... I have a crush on lightning claws. I put them on my Chaos Space Marines, I put them on my Mantis Warriors when possible... I love the fluff about them and they look so cool. Thunder hammers are amazing in game (when paired with a storm shield) but they don't look nearly as cool as lightning claws.

I have been thinking about making a Mantis Warriors chapter master for a long time. I had a chief librarian, a chaplain, a captain (not painted yet) on a bike, and a terminator librarian (not painted yet). I wanted a character in terminator armor with a storm shield so he could be paired with my terminators.

I decided on a chapter master. You hardly see them since they're so expensive and really not all that great. I wanted to try him out anyway just to see what he could do. Putting him in terminator armor makes his orbital bombardment semi-useless as you want him in combat, but perhaps I'd get a use out of it sometime. I was pumped to see that he could use a storm shield AND a lightning claw so that is how I built him. I added a piece for an auxiliary grenade launcher just in case I wanted to use that at some point.

Following my prime directive that every character needs a back banner he was given one. I tried to use the new paints on this new model - I still primed him Army Painter green however. This makes painting marines a lot easier.

I made sure to add enough purity seals so that everyone knew he was a chapter master. I also had to use a helmet-less head because he's a space marine - they don't need no damn helmets if they're a chapter master. For the highlighting I went with Moot Green. I like the extreme highlights on terminator models.

For the lightning claws I started with a base of Calgar Blue. I then layered that with Lothern Blue, then drybrushed on Temple Guard Blue and White Scar finally. I then hit it with a glaze of Gulliman Blue. The glaze really helped the claws pop. I'll be using that for all my lightning claw terminators now.

Finally I based the model in my jungle scheme. I really like how he turned out and look forward to finishing my 10 lightning claw terminators this month.

Next week I'll be placing a Forge World order and definitely getting at least one of these kits.


  1. Very nice. I'm also a massive fan of lighting claws, but that may have something to do with my chapter being called Astral Claws :) Look forward to seeing the Claw Terminators.

  2. My heart belongs to thunder hammers, obviously. But sometimes I stray and look to lightning claws. They are indeed super cool too. Claw + SS is a good combo on a Chapter Master I think- his high WS and I will make him often hit first and hard. The claw will help make sure it hurts. And of course we all know how stupid good storm shields are.

  3. Nice work. I really like the banner you did there.
    Ron, FTW