Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Pre Tournament Hobby Time

Lately I seem to focus on a hobby project to correspond with an upcoming event. I have been rotating between projects for my WH40k and Warmachine armies in preparation for some recent tournaments for both. I recently found out this week that I will be able to attend the Fantasy tournament this weekend. So, I got inspired to get some work done on my Dark Elf army.

I had picked up the new Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress and the Storm of Magic rule book after the last Fantasy tournament at Gamer's Sanctuary. I have not gotten a chance to play SoM yet, but I am eager to give it a try. From what I have read, the supplement looks like a fun rules variant to play.

Inspired by the Storm of Magic rules that I have not played yet, I plan on taking a more magic heavy list for this Saturday's 2500 pt tournament. As a novice Fantasy player, I have not experimented too much beyond the popular Lores of Magic that Dark Elves have access to. Lore of Shadow is always included in my lists just for its awesome spell list. Beyond that, I usually take Dark Magic or Lore of Fire. I have tried Lore of Death in the past but still haven't tried Lore of Metal.

I have also settled on the more popular magic items available. I would like to experiment more, but there are just a few items that always seem useful.  A lot of the magic items seem very situational or very expensive points-wise.

I also painted up a test model for my Blackguard. I have more on order from Gamer's Sanctuary, but there seems to be a wait for the old metal models right now. I really like the diversity in painting for the Dark Elf range. The nearly naked Sorceresses and Witch Elves allow me to practice flesh tone paint shading. The armored infantry like the Blackguard require dark metal shaded with bright metal highlighting. Finally the Cold One Knights and Hydras provide me the challenge of making scaly monsters look good.

Look for a post tournament wrap up next week.


  1. Nice start to this army.. just finished a DE army commission myself, and have to agree that the variety of choices in painting styles and sections are great to try out new things.

  2. Yes indeed, a good start. I didn't realize how good the sorceress looked. Your paint job so far does her justice. The red makes for a great accent against the metals and skin tones.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Your DE color scheme looks great!

  4. I really like the Blackguard color scheme. Looks good.