Saturday, March 10, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: Restart

I've had my painting bench back up for about 3 weeks and decided it was time to share the output from my latest paint slinging efforts. My apologies for the quality of the camera phone photos.

First up: Iron Lich Asphyxios

Then on to Lich Lord Venethrax:

Next up, my second Leviathan:

The Support cast - Darragh Wrathe:

and the Withershadow Combine:

My new favorite troops choice - Bile Thralls:

And the Privateer Press Objective Markers:

The fun surprise my new Bile Thralls bring to the game - Bile Purge! Everything under the template is automatically hit with continuous corrosion! Perfect for harvesting souls from single wound models and their support solos.

In my latest 50 point game against Cygnar a single bile purge killed 9 models on the first round, 4 more the next round and put 3 points on the enemy caster!



  1. Knockin' out a lot of models... awesome stuff!

  2. Trying to get all of the Cryx casters and 1 unit of each troop painted-up. My cell phone camera made for rough photos. The models look much better in person!