Thursday, March 15, 2012

Contemptor Month: Salamanders Build Pics

I've finally finished the arduous building process on my Salamanders Contemptor. The intricacy of the kit allows for some great posing, but getting to the end product can be a challenge!

I admit I have a difficult time imagining and implementing things like dynamic poses. I'm guilty of often having quite static models when I build things like tactical marines, or even (pardon the heresy) warjacks from Warmachine. One of my goals with this project has been to avoid that lack of dynamism.

Front view

Ultimately this is what I ended up with. My original intent was to have that model standing on top of a recently defeated Killa Kan. As it turns out, the original killa kan took up far too much of the base and was too tall. So, plan b was to cut down large portions of the torso, and model it to look buried. Now the Contemptor is striding across the long-dead Killa Kan, without even breaking stride. I like to imagine this pose suggests it is running forward and spraying a nearby enemy with the heavy flamer before assaulting them. Not pictured here are the multiple times I had to disassemble already-glued pieces once I realized I wouldn't get the pose or look I was going for.

Left view
In addition to pushing for more dynamism, I also got to try out brass etch for the first time. This product, also from Forgeworld, allowed me to add some chapter-specific detail to the model. The brass etch was challenging to work with, but a tutorial I was linked to after I had finished will be super helpful when I go to detail my Land Raider kit:

Thanks to MSP from the SA forums for the tip!

I had originally planned on magnetizing both the arms on this model. (They're currently attached with poster-tac.) But I'm now thinking I will at most magnetize the gun arm. I much prefer the look of dreadnoughts with one (or better yet two!) close combat arms, so I saw no compelling reason to magnetize the current combat arm.  Besides, if I do decide I want a dual assault cannon contemptor for example, I guess that would mean I'd just have to buy another! What a shame that would be...

Right view

My only remaining question is about the cyclone missile launcher. I've liked the look on many of the models I've seen, and additional tank-busting weapons certainly never hurt. But somehow I feel like it doesn't quite work on this model. Not sure if it's the pose or what, but I'm not sure if I will leave it on there. Opinions are welcome in the comments!

Rear view
So that was the easy part, now on to paint. Looking forward to getting this guy the paintjob he deserves!


  1. Looks good, I like the pose. What is that cylinder below the right fist supposed to be? It isn't there on the claw version.

  2. You should definitely use the cyclone missile launcher. Just looks really cool.

  3. Thanks dudes. The cylinder is (I guess) a fuel tank for the heavy flamer integrated into the CCW.

  4. The same cylinders are on the side sponsons for the Baal Predators Flame Cannons