Thursday, March 8, 2012

I, Contemptor

As a long time Battletech Tau player, my love of killer robots is well documented. At the time when I was considering another army to collect, the Blood Angels book was just about to hit the shelves. I knew I wanted something different to play than all shooting Tau. Like many, I had purchased Space Hulk and enjoyed it thoroughly. However, I was hesitant to start a marine army and be like everyone else. Eventually I gave in and went through the seven stages of marine army syndrome.  

1) Shock and Denial - I cannot believe I am considering starting a marine army!
2) Pain and Guilt - Will I still want to play my Tau?  
3) Anger and Bargaining - I hate marine armies so much, I will only buy a few things.
4) Reflection - I miss my Tau army.
5) The Upward Turn - Hey, marines ARE fun to play and winning in assault IS cool.
6) Reconstruction - Time to make some killer lists!  
7) Acceptance - Both my armies are fun to play AND can field some cool robots!

The Blood Angel dreadnoughts options totally sold me on the army. I cannot seem to make a list without at least one dreadnought in it now. So it didn't take me too long to consider getting a Contemptor dreadnought. Like many people, I wasn't sold on the design from the pictures. However, I saw enough of them in person to convince me of their awesomeness.
My current Dread fleet.....hehe
Fluffwise, my Contemptor is going to be tied with the back story of the Blood Angels missions on the Sin of Damnation from the Space Hulk game. Brother Grayle, a former Sanguinary Priest, was long ago killed in action protecting ancient relics of the chapter. His body was broken but his spirit survived the transformation into a living relic that is the Contemptor dreadnought. In his new life, Brother Grayle was able to guard the sacred relics that were a link back to the days of the Primarchs. His derelict ship carried him into the warp where he survived in stasis until rescued by the Blood Angels 1st company during their assault on the Sin of Damnation.

I am eager to get the Contemptor model and have already started on the base. I went with a Bio-lab themed base from MicroArt Studious. There was a lot of details to paint, but I think it turned out pretty good. Stay tuned for more updates.
Brother Grayle's Space Hulk themed base