Friday, February 24, 2012

Making the GW 40k Counter Set Useable

The Games Workshop produced Warhammer 40k Counter Set is a great idea – that doesn’t quite work as delivered.

The markers are bright translucent green (same material and color as a Necron Gauss rod) and completely unreadable from more than a foot away.

An easier way to keep track of your 40k army during the heat of battle:
After a quick shot of grey Krylon primer, a brush-full of Citadel Badab Black wash, a quick drag of light drybrush and 10 minutes of red detail work – they are now fun, usable markers that match my Space Marine faction colors!

Combat Speed, Cruising Speed, Flat out

Used Rapid Fire Weapon

Gone to Ground, Smoke

Weapon Destroyed

Immobilized, Wrecked, Shaken, Stunned

Retreat, Run


Objective Markers (awaiting a Codex emblem transfer)


  1. I just picked up a set of these last weekend and was pretty much planning on doing the same thing. Nice to see that it works before putting in the effort!

  2. I love it. The regular ones are so insanely hard to read. With a few easy steps you can actually use them.

    1. Yours should be in Mantis Warrior green and yellow

  3. I own these and stopped using them. Looking forward to getting mine back into play.

  4. I plan to dress them up a bit more in the future. I'll update the article when they are finished