Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Event for March - Warhammer Fantasy at Gamers Sanctuary

On Saturday, March 3rd, Tau4eva and I will be attending the 2200 point Adepticon Primer Warhammer Fantasy tournament at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI. I'll be bringing my 2200 points of Beastmen, he'll be bringing Dark Elves (fear the hydra).

My list will be something like this:

2200pt Beastmen Roster (Standard)

Lords (518pts)

  • Beastlord (243pts)
    Armour of Fortune, Biting Blade, Crown of Command, Gouge-tusks, Shield
  • Great Bray-Shaman (275pts)
    Dispel Scroll, Opal Amulet, Wizard Level 4

Heroes (336pts)

  • Bray-Shaman (130pts)
    Hagtree Fetish, Wizard Level 2
  • Wargor (206pts)
    Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, Heavy armour, Shield, The Beat Banner

Core (590pts)

  • Gor Herd (345pts)
    Foe-render, Musician, Standard Bearer
    • 40x Gor
      40x Additional hand weapon
  • Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)
  • Ungor Herd (165pts)
    Halfhorn, Musician, Standard bearer, 30x Ungor

Special (756pts)

  • Minotaurs (591pts)
    Musician, Standard bearer
    • Bloodkine
      Relic Sword
    • 9x Minotaurs
      9x Additional hand weapon
  • Razorgor Herd (55pts)

  • Razorgor Herd (55pts)

  • Razorgor Herd (55pts)

The razorgors will provide extra deployments so I can put my army in a good spot. The gors and minotaurs will chop things up. Hopefully. The minotaurs are a huge point sink but I painted all of them and I want them on the field.
Should be fun! Here is a preview of the minotaurs:


  1. Good luck! I know there will be stiff competition there.

  2. Nice butt-shot of the minitaurs! Lol

  3. Still working on my list for Saturday. 2200 pts is hard to make now that I am used to 2500 pts.