Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Impetus Maero: Mantis Warriors Warhound Titan

I have received quite a few inquiries about The Big Game and most of them were Xenos! This led me to believe that I might have to play Imperial, which I have no problem with. Well, I had one problem. I didn't have any titans or superheavies to speak of for my Mantis Warriors. I seem to have remedied that problem.

I had purchased a Baneblade a while back to put together and turn into a Plaguereaper or something like that (the big nurgle phallic cannon thing). I think I'm going to paint that in a green livery for my Mantis Warriors. I've also acquired a scratch-built plasticard warhound titan from CVinton over at Dark Future Games.

The plans to make this warhound are all over the net. CVinton did a great job in creating this one, making the joints and seams really nice and overall very high quality. I don't have the kind of plasticard skills or patience to do something like this, but I was willing to paint it!

I added some bits to it and put some liquid green stuff in seams to make sure they didn't show, then I was ready to prime. The bits were needed because the model didn't have a whole ton of detail on it (can't get a lot from plasticard) so I wanted to shore that up.

First I primed it yellow, masked some stripes onto it, then primed it green. I looked and looked for a good pattern to put on this thing and couldn't find a nice one. In the end, I plan to play this as a 'Mantis Warriors' titan, staffed by Imperial pilots under the MW command. This titan will have been captured by the MW and hidden during the Badab War.

I started picking out some of the details with a basecoat. You can see my chaplain at the base of it for scale.

I then added some decals (Mantis Warriors logo, Maelstrom Warders logo, imperial aquilas, etc) and some battle damage to the titan to give it some used up look. I also bought a plastic dinner plate at Hobby Lobby to use as a base for the thing. I added some flock and pine trees.

I'm about done with this model. I added highlights, a huuuuuuuuuge purity seal, and some more detail. Geneguard is going to show me how to do some scorch marks. Not bad for a holiday weekend of work.


  1. Nice job, looks great!

    Fluff fail, Marines don't have Titans :o)

    Somewhere, I hear a Harridan weeping.

  2. Disregard, I reread the post and saw your comments about capturing it. I retract my fluff fail comment.

  3. Look at that! Only took 32 minutes for someone to say "marines don't have titans" If it wasn't tau4eva I'd take the comment seriously and do everything I could to tear into a troll.

    I like what you did with it. Just remember if you don't have first turn or a lot of super heavy's to dilute their shooting, start it in reserve.

  4. Yeah I just figured I'd want all my imperial stuff to be green. Makes it look cooler, lol.

  5. Lukas the trickster wants to eat it!