Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fantasy Army ADD

It has been an interesting winter so far. Cerberus came into some cash by selling off Heroclix crack (it is getting big at Gamers Sanctuary right now!) and purchased a starter Lizardmen army, Dustin started a Skaven army, Brian bought the High Elves from the box set from Dustin (and apparently a large force after that), Tau4Eva was working on painting his Dark Elves and Phil purchased some Brettonians. This was really encouraging to me, a fantasy player from 4th edition (fantasy was really my game - I didn't start 40k until 5th edition, really, although I had models for it).

I was pretty unimpressed with the lackluster Tomb Kings release last year. I like the new models, but it seems like the army doesn't have a ton of options. I'm interested in getting back into them and really trying new things... but I wanted a second fantasy army. In the fall I bought up a bunch of used Empire stuff on eBay and put together an army. I used it a few times. It did what I wanted it to do, shoot a lot. It was fun to play with and the army had the character I wanted it to (the fluff for Empire is so cool).

About that time they released the ghorgon and the cygor for Beastmen. I began looking longingly at beastmen pictures on the internet, seeing all the cool stuff. I will admit, my first model I ever bought was a beastman with a halberd. I split a blister with my brother. We sat in our living room with our one model each, desperately trying to remember the rules from what our friend had told us (we may have had the one page cheat sheets they used to give out). We marched at each other from 8 feet away on the carpeted floor and then killed each other with our one model each.

I really like the look of the Beastmen models. They show a kind of ferocity and difference that makes them truly look like the Children of Chaos. They have so many conversion opportunities with mutations and chaos gifts... so cool.

Dude gives no damns

Our snowblower died (it is a 25 year old hand-me-down from my parents), the baby's room needs to be re-carpeted, and there are other pressing financial needs, so I made the decision to sell off the Empire army. I didn't think I'd ever get the army painted, either, so that was a part of the decision.

My wife and I received some good news, so I didn't have to get rid of the Empire army. My mind was already set on purchasing a small amount of Beastmen though! I couldn't get them out of my head, so I arranged a trade and now Geneguard will be using the Empire army. I'm happy to hand them off to someone I know who will play with them... and now GG has a fantasy army!

I've done some winter cleaning of my models in the basement. I've gotten rid of fantasy and 40k models I'll never use or never paint. I'm in the process of inventorying the models I have for Warmachine that I don't need or won't paint in the near future. Nobody needs to own every Khador unit that exists. I'm using the cash from getting rid of these units to purchase some Beastmen.

I bought a Gor box and put them together as my beastlord, wargor battle standard bearer, and bray shaman. I really like being able to build my own model for characters. Having a simple pewter guy who is the same as every other dude's leader is a little lame to me. I'm looking to have these guys painted within a week, as I like to paint the army's characters first.

I've read through the army book (holy cow there is a lot of fecal discussion) and I'm going to make this army blessed by Tzeentch. The chaos gods don't really care that much about beastmen, so really only the characters will be blessed. I really like how you can give them chaos gifts - basically extra magic items.

Beastlord. You have to keep this dude alive.
Gors. I've since learned that it is best to equip them with extra hand weapons. I'll change that.
Wargor BSB with tzeentch standard.
Overall I'm excited to start this army. Beastmen are considered to be somewhat undepowered but I've got some tricks up my sleeve and I like the way the models look and the fluff portrays them. I'm also super glad that we have so much interest in new fantasy armies in our club.


  1. They are still pretty good with a L4 Beast and 1 or 2 L2 Shadow for Miasma. Their frenzy rule is very underrated. I see Bestigor and Gor blocks in horde formation of 40 models do lots of damage.

    Their monsters aren't the greatest to be sure, but with the right build they can definitely be at least competitive.

    1. Yeah, one thing I meant to touch on is that you need bestigor to be competitive, but holy cow the GW tax for special slot models. 10 for $41.25.

      I do think huge gor and bestigor units are the way I will go though!

  2. You guys have successfully pulled me into WFB!

    To return the favor I'm sending Dustin a horde of Necron Scarabs to kick-start his next army!