Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Game - Mantis Warriors Stormraven and Master of the Forge

I had wanted to finish a few more models for The Big Game, so I chose last week to do a Stormraven and my Master of the Forge. I spent this whole week painting these models, which I wasn't expecting.

They were both relatively simple models, and I'm pretty pleased how they came out. The stormraven takes a long time to highlight, and I tried to write something on the cockpit sides that didn't turn out. Those sides will instead have a Maelstrom Warders logo put over them. I have to dullcote over the decals on both models as well.

For Apocalypse, the Master of the Forge will have a servitor retinue and I'll be using the Blood Angel rules for the Stormraven. I reckon at some point regular ole' space marines will be able to use the stormraven as well.
Tons of highlighting on this one! I painted the stripes using painting masking tape.
Each side of the cockpit will receive a maelstrom warders logo.
Thruster scorch detail method thanks @geneguard. I love how that turned out. Mantis Warrior symbol looks really cool too
I love this model - looks so cool. I wanted to go with more of a 'bleached' old dude space marine look on this guy. I wasn't going to attempt the white / black logos, I'm just not that great, so I painted most of the Mars logos mechrite red.

Dude loves grabbin' things.
Mantis Warrior logo on his shoulderpad. Microset has worked really well on this stuff. I varnished him this morning, then he'll be dullcoted and based tonight.


  1. MoF model is all kinds of awesome. White Dwarf had an article about using the Stormraven as a flyer for apoc.

  2. Yeah I know I have that article somewhere, but I have not been able to find it.