Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiger Shark AX-1-0 Finished

I finished my Forge World Tau Tiger Shark super heavy. The assembly was pretty straightforward, although the cockpit module required extensive sanding to fit to the fuselage.

I made sure to paint the pilots and the interior before attaching the cockpit as that was my only chance at access. The canopy top is fitted and not glued so the interior can be seen.

I used regular greenstuff on the big gaps during assembly. Afterwards, I used liquid greenstuff for the first time for cleaning up some of the seams. It worked ok, though I was expecting better results for some reason.

I wasn't happy with the first pass of the airbrush. I tried using a wash to get a weathered look, but the result wasn't quite right. I was happy how my Barracuda turned out, but I couldn't get the same effect this time. In the end, I was satisfied with how it how it looks. It matches my primary Vior'la Sept paint scheme.

Detailing took longer than I expected. Overall though, these big models are pretty easy to paint.

So I now have a super heavy and it has a fighter escort. I am glad Tau currently does not have a titan equivalent yet, as I probably would want to get one. Hopefully I will play enough Apocalypse to justify the expendiature. Anyone up for some big point games? :o)


  1. January 21st my friend!!

    Does it balance pretty well on that thing? Also hi5 on the Hobby Lobby award plinth thing. Harridan vs Tiger Shark, coming soon to SyFy

  2. Yeah, stole your harridan base idea. It's very stable even though I had to off center it. Looking forward to the big game.

  3. Hi
    How big is the base and length/diameter of rod