Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mantis Warriors Update - TERMINATORS!

I've been working steadily on my Mantis Warriors this winter. I am trying to get one squad done per week right now. This past week I've been working on my thunder hammer / storm shield terminators.

I'm also trying to focus on following the Forgeworld IA 10 book as closely as possible with my decals and coloring. There are some things I just won't be able to do, like the lines on the rhinos - I just don't think I have the ability to do that.

These terminators turned out way better than I could have expected. I did some heavy highlighting (something I haven't done a ton of with Tyranids) and dry brushing and followed it up with badab black wash. I painted each one's helmet a little differently to provide some variation. I ended up using Iyanden yellow on their shoulder pads just because it is a foundation paint and it goes on so much better than regular yellow paints. I think iyanden yellow will be my go to for the rest of the army. (Thanks Cerberus).

The thunder hammers and storm shields are from Maxmini. The one thing I messed up on are the crux pads. They're not yellow like in the FW book. I think I can manage to deal with it... not every force will look the same.

You can see the yellow on their helmets in this photo.
All of my painted Mantis Warriors, minus two drop pods.
Geneguard painted up a Chaplain for me for Christmas. You might notice that he is very similar to the one in our blog header :) He'll be based and decaled tonight!

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