Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foodhammer in Pictures

We spent much of the day taking dozens of photos of the Foodhammer event at Gamers Sanctuary.  There were several awesome armies on display and several memorable images to share; here are a few. Click to embiggen.

Tau4eva manned the grill "For the Greater Good".
The mountain of donated food. 

Even Santa got in the spirit by helping sort the custom special tokens.

Muggins and Geneguard, AKA the "brains" of the operation, after nearly eight hours today and a very late night yesterday setting up tables and making the special tokens.

Most of the Fresh Coast 40K Club.  From Left to right: Tau4Eva, Geneguard, Maelstrom, Muggins, Cerberus, Ozzy (Grot in training), and Larry (clutching the Space Marine Megaforce he won in the raffle).   

The "Best Painted" winner.  This army had some excellent conversion work, a great display board, and a uniform look to the entire force that impressed us all.

Phil, from Ruinous Powers, had his Black Legion force on display as well.  His crisp colors, excellent basing, and overall high quality of his work earned him second place in the "Best Painted" category.

20 Players!
More player shots. Second round.

Santa Cerberus watches over all

Sweetly painted BA army from Hornblower at 40k Fight Club fights Mark's Tau.
Grey Knights fight over the fortress!
Daemons drop in for the holiday season.
Phil's daemon prince faces down the guns of Scott's marines.

Bike fight
A Blood Angel mob takes it to some Grey Knights.

Grey Knights move around the ruined tree.

Space Wolves hold the line

All 20 armies lined up on the front table!
Table 2 of prizes ended up including Cities of Death, Ultramarines the Movie, a box of Sniper Scouts, 4 aegis defense lines, and 2 Black Library book packs.
The main prizes. Space Marine megaforce, Dark Eldar megaforce, and the Badab War set.

Before the mayhem


  1. I MUST build a display board the next time I do one of these things!

    Anyways, awesome event guys, lots of $$$ for a good cause, and I actually had FUN playing in a tournament. "Atta boy" all around, gents.

  2. Display boards are kinda like plinths, lol. I think they add SO MUCH to an army when done well, though.

    Also thanks to Phil we learned about peening!

  3. Had an absolute blast at this tournament. Should definitely make it a year round event! Thanks to the club an Gamers Sanctuary for setting everything up

  4. I hope you meant yearly, not year round! Just the one weekend was enough to nearly kill us. ;-)

  5. Rofl. Sorry still recovering from yesterday. Yes I meant yearly, although a 2nd one might be fun.

  6. Lots of fun - I look foward to helping for the next one!

  7. Next year we need a really big check too