Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Salamander Overload

I am definitely back on the Salamanders!

I made a kit-bashed Vulkan well before his model came out, but I still bought the GW version. I'm honestly not much of a fan. The spear throwing pose on his arm is terrible and awkward, I don't care for his helmet, and this is an example of GW model style run amok- way too much tiny, annoying detail leading to an overly busy model that will be hard to paint. But, it's a Salamander so I'll still do it...

Also pictured is the FW exclusive boarding marine. I'm not crazy about the pose, but it should be fun to paint.

Last is the simply awesome Salamanders Venerable Dreadnought. Forgeworld kindly designed it and the dreadfire CCW arms such that together they perfectly represent the Salamanders character dreadnought, Brey'arth Ashmantle. Dreadnoughts are one of my favorite things about the game, so I'm excited for this one. Assembly was pretty easy, and the model itself had little flash or miscasting. The banner pole was bent at a pretty severe angle, though. I fixed it with some hot water but fiddled with it a bit too much. The pole snapped and the bottom half flew away who knows where. Luckily some plasticard tube I had fit perfectly as a replacement. Bonus, it should be much more sturdy than the original pole, and almost indistinguishable once it's painted.

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  1. That dreadnought looks awesome! My BA have dreadnought envy.