Monday, November 28, 2011

Feelin' Dreadful - Honored Brother Natian, Pride of the Chapter

I was feeling dreadful today so I stayed home sick and finished up my Contemptor (battle damaged) and Ironclad dreads. I put a Maelstrom Warder logo on each one (the Maelstrom Warders were the group of marines on the bad side of the Badab war, basically).

Natian is the contemptor dreadnought. This dread's stats are available in the new IA Apocalypse 1.5 and in the Badab War books. They are extremely old and rare so Geneguard suggested I weather him up a bit and add battle damage. I love the model, and it was really fun to paint. I was inspired to paint him this weekend by DFG's post. Also check out Cvinton's sweet SW contemptor there too.

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